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This template is used to create a   (space) delimited collection of items, only adding a space where needed.


{{space separated entries|entry1|entry2|entry3|entry4|entry5|...}}


Code Result
{{space separated entries|entry1|entry2|entry3}} entry1 entry2 entry3
{{space separated entries| |entry2|entry3}} entry2 entry3
{{space separated entries|entry1| |entry3}} entry1 entry3
{{space separated entries|entry1|entry2| }} entry1 entry2
{{space separated entries|entry1| | }} entry1
{{space separated entries| |entry2| }} entry2
{{space separated entries| | |entry3}} entry3
{{space separated entries| | | }}
{{space separated entries|entry1|entry2|entry3|entry4|entry5|entry6}} entry1 entry2 entry3 entry4 entry5 entry6

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