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This template displays colored "dot icons" for the current (and future) lines of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Metro Rail system.

With the optional parameter |showtext=yes, the image link is expanded to an image plus text link.


Input* Output*
{{LACMTA icon|A|showtext=yes}} 17px A Line
{{LACMTA icon|B|showtext=yes}} 17px B Line
{{LACMTA icon|C|showtext=yes}} 17px C Line
{{LACMTA icon|D|showtext=yes}} 17px D Line
{{LACMTA icon|E|showtext=yes}} 17px E Line
{{LACMTA icon|G|showtext=yes}} 17px G Line
{{LACMTA icon|J|showtext=yes}} 17px J Line
{{LACMTA icon|K|showtext=yes}} 17px Crenshaw/LAX Line 
{{LACMTA icon|L|showtext=yes}} 17px L Line
{{LACMTA icon|harbor|showtext=yes}}      Harbor Transitway 
{{LACMTA icon|regional|showtext=yes}}      Regional Connector Transit Corridor 
{{LACMTA icon|el monte|showtext=yes}}      El Monte Busway 

*Usage note: Metro changed all line names from colors to letters in late 2019. While the line letter should be used in all cases, for backwards compatibility the old color names will continue to work with this template (e.g. "blue" or "A"). The displayed name and icon will be the same regardless of which is used.

"showtext" switch example

Input* Output*
{{LACMTA icon|A|showtext=yes}} 17px A Line
{{LACMTA icon|A}} A Line 

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