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This template is part of a series of templates based on ISO 639 codes and names. This family of templates consists of Template:ISO 639 code-1, Template:ISO 639 code-2, Template:ISO 639 code-3, Template:ISO 639 code-5, and Template:ISO 639 name.


  • |1= the input to be converted.

Using the family


The first three template of the series take a language name and return the corresponding ISO 639 code:

Template:ISO 639 name takes a language code and returns the name of the language:

Language groups

Template:ISO 639 code-2 (gem)

Template:ISO 639 code-5 (gem)

Template:ISO 639 name (Germanic)


name (function) part1 (function) part3 (function) part2 (function)
English en eng eng
en English en eng eng
EN en eng eng
eng English en eng eng
fr French fr fra fre
French French fr fra fre
En English enc
abj abj
Abellen Ayta abp
French, Cajun frc
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