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This is a variant of {{BSsplit}} that has the text in two different sizes.

See project:ROUTE#Fractional text display template for usage instruction.


This template displays two lines of text in a text field of route diagram created with {{BS-map}}. It is intended for labeling connecting routes or adding other secondary information, as the second line is smaller and italicized.

  • The optional third parameter will provide a wikilink for the text.
  • The optional align parameter will left- or right-justify text; if omitted it will default to “inherit”.
  • The optional it parameter controls italicization:
    • it=all displays both lines in italics;
    • it=off displays the second line in normal text.
  • A separating line can be forced to appear by providing an argument for the parameter "line=anything".
  • Background colors can be specified by providing a valid X11 color name (e.g. HotPink) or RGB hex triplet (e.g. #12A3BC) for the parameters "bg1=" (top line) and "bg2=" (bottom line).

Note: This template will disrupt row spacing when used in the first (main) text area.


{{BSto|Line Name|to Destination}}
Line Name
to Destination
{{BSto|Other Route|to Somewhere Else|align=right}}
Other Route
to Somewhere Else
{{BSto|Station|for Nearby Town|Railway station|it=off}}
for Nearby Town
{{BSto|Blue Line|to Terminus|it=all|bg1=#90C0FF}}
Blue Line
to Terminus

Incorrect uses

If either line of text is empty, the page that the template is used on will be a member of Category:Pages using BSto or BSsrws with missing text values.

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