Tansuit is a Space Ghost crimnal (sometimes freind). He wears an orange coustme.

Tansuit is a enmy of Space Ghost's who only showed up on one episode of Space Ghost and Dino Boy. In that episode Tansuit kidnapped Jan, Jace, and Bimp, but with the help of Space Ghost they got away. At the end of that episode Tansuit was killed.

Tansuit showed up on several episodes of Space Ghost Coast To Coast voiced by Don Kennedy. In this show Tansuit is a member of the Council of Doom (which also had Metallus, Lokar, Black Widow, and Brak) even though he's not a member in the 1960's. For most of season 3 Tansuit announced the show (off-screen) until he was fired. Unlike the 1960's show Tansuit was usually good friends with Space Ghost. Tansuit is very afraid of getting blasted by Space Ghost.

Tansuit showed up on a Space Ghost Coast To Coast volume 3 speacil feature called "The First World Permiere Toon In".