Taegan Nightwind is a character from the Forgotten Realms fictional world. He is an avariel, an elven subrace noted for their wings and the fact that they are nowadays extremely rare in Faerûn.

Taegan is a warrior, and more specifically a duelist and bladesinger, relying on his lightning reflexes, fencing skills, and arcane abilities rather than brute strength to win a fight. He left his tribe when he was young in order to seek a more adventurous life that the one offered to him if he stayed with his fellow avariel. He regards members of his subrace as little more than uncivilised (though peaceful) nomads, and he does not take pride in talking about them, or even the elven race in general (although lately there have been signs that this may begin to change).

Taegan was a resident of Lyrabar, the capital of the Kingdom of Impiltur, where he ran his own fencing academy. He got caught up in a conspiracy by the Cult of the Dragon (led by the lich Sammaster) to induce permanent madness to all dragons in Faerûn, and his academy was burnt in a show of retribution by Sammaster's agents. In the midst of all that, he left Impiltur in the company of a group of dragon hunters he had met only a short time before and three dragons (Karasendrieth, a female song dragon, Chatulio, a copper dragon who was very keen on using illusions, and Jivex, a mischievous faerie dragon). The members of the group were Dorn Graybrook (a half-golem fighter/ranger), Raryn Snowstealer (an arctic dwarf ranger), Pavel Shemov (a human cleric of Lathander), and Will Turnstone (a halfling scout).

He ended up in Thentia, where he worked with the wizards of the city towards discovering a traitor under Sammaster's orders among them. It turned out that Sammaster had probably arranged for the murder of one of the circle's members, Phourkyn One-eye, and compelled a sun wyrm, also a disciple of Ashardalon, to take his place under the veil of illusionary magic. In the meantime, his companions were scattered. Some of them fought to repel a dragon attack against the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, while others fought in Damara alongside King Gareth Dragonsbane against orcs and goblinoids from Vaasa who had crossed the Bloodstone Pass and invaded Damara. Both ventures were successful, and the group in the monastery had discovered secret lore that enabled them to temporarily cure the permanent rage that Sammaster had instilled in the mind of the dragons.

Taegan still remains in Thentia, readying himself for the next step in the quest to unravel Sammaster's plans.