The nymph Syrinx has appeared in several works of modern culture.

  • The Canadian rock band Rush wrote "The Temples of Syrinx", part of their twenty-minute epic track, 2112. The lyrics of this movement depict a dystopian society where the Priests of the Temples oppose music and advocate the destruction of musical instruments. Rush also makes references to computers inside "The Temples of Syrinx" in their song "2112".
  • In the song "10001110101" by Clutch, The Temples of Syrinx are said to be "having the bake sale of the year", probably referring to Rush's 2112.
  • Novelist Samuel R. Delany features an instrument called a "sensory syrinx" (a sound, scent, and hologram projector) in his science-fiction novel Nova.
  • Syrinx is the name of one of the central characters in The Night's Dawn Trilogy by Peter F Hamilton.
  • Syrinx was also the name of a Canadian band whose song 'Tillicum' was used as the theme song for the television series "Here Come The Seventies".
  • Syrinx is the name of the great metropolis in science-fiction novel "Achaja" by Andrzej Ziemiański.