Studentbody is an educational program that encourages students to learn health and fitness. The content is distributed through web-based curriculum and delivered by local broadcast television stations. It was created by Dr. Ron Yaros in 1992, and has reached thousands of classrooms and 26 television stations.

The first version of Studentbody was tested in five cities in the spring of 1993. The full program was launched in the fall of 1993 with 14 stations participating. Affiliates now broadcast daily health and fitness questions with the support of classroom lessons and activity videos.

In early March 2005, Yaros Communication LLC licensed Synchronistic Media, LLC to redesign the web interface and re-market the program. A new version was released in early 2006 with a focus on new curriculum and Interactive Television.

A similar program, Weatherschool, was released in 1988. The content is weather and science based.


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