Stephanie Johnson
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Amanda and Jessica Gunnarson (1990-1992)
Shayna Rose (2006-2007)
Shelley Hennig (2007-present)
First appearance 1990
Created by Richard J. Allen and Anne Schoettle
Occupation Student, former race car driver
Residence Kiriakis Mansion, Salem,USA

Stephanie Kay Johnson (born onscreen February 19, 1990) is a fictional character on the American soap opera Days of our Lives.

Stephanie is portrayed by actress Shelley Hennig (2007 to present). She was formerly portrayed by actress Shayna Rose (July 2006 to January 2007). She is the daughter of supercouple Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady.

Fictional character history[]


In the summer of 2006, Stephanie returned to Salem, after being off screen for over a decade. She returned around the same time that her parents, Dr. Kayla Johnson and her presumed deceased father returned to Days of our Lives.

Stephanie originally came back to town as and up and coming race car driver, and upon arriving in Salem, began to develop romantic feelings for her adopted uncle, Max Brady, a fellow racer. At the time, Max was involved with Stephanie's cousin, Chelsea Brady. After Max and Chelsea broke up, Stephanie and Max dated for a short time. After a racing accident, Max broke up with Stephanie and she left town for a job in Ohio.


Stephanie returned to Salem a rebellious former race car driver with a new sexy wardrobe, on April 20, 2007, due to Steve's mental and medical conditions.

She became a flight attendant, along with Chelsea, for a private airline, Touch the Sky Airlines, run by her boyfriend, Jeremy Horton, and Jett Carver.

Jeremy has shown his abusive side numerous times, including grabbing her by her arms, yelling at and degrading her, and holding her head under water in a hot tub, when she "upset" him.

Max Brady saved her on August 15, 2007, when a passenger on a plane threatened her. She and Max Brady shared a kiss on August 16, 2007, in a hot tub, which led to them almost making love.

After Max discovered that Jeremy's business involved smuggling girls into the country to be escorts, Stephanie tried to help him save the girls, but in a shocking twist, the girls wanted to stay. Max and Stephanie were held at gunpoint and forced to jump out of a plane. Luckily they both had parachutes, and landed in a forest. Taking shelter in a nearby cave, the two had time to talk about how they felt about each other. In the heat of the moment, and possibly fearing they wouldn't be found, the two gave in to their passion and nearly made love, until Bo and Kayla found them and brought them home. Stephanie and Jeremy would eventually break up, shortly before he left town.

Stephanie decided to try to get over Jeremy and Max and decided to sign up for school with Chelsea, at Salem University. The two joined a sorority, Alpha Chi Theta (АХΘ), and made friends with the president, Morgan Hollingsworth, and a girl named Cordy.

Stephanie and Chelsea came up with a plan to have an auction at the Cheatin' Heart, where they would auction off guys as dates to the girls in the sorority. Cordy won a date with Ford Decker, and Morgan won a date with Max, much to Stephanie's dismay. Max and Morgan began to date.

Chelsea's mother, Billie Reed, and Jett Carver were on-campus security. One night, during a party, Billie and Jett informed Chelsea, Stephanie, Max and Morgan that there had been a rape on campus. During this time Cordy became distant and decided to leave school. Stephanie and the girls tried to help her and figure out what had happened. Cordy's date, Ford Decker, became more and more obnoxious as he hit on every girl in front of him, and Cordy screamed in fear when he touched her arm. This led Chelsea to believe that something had happened to Cordy at Ford's hands.

On another night, Stephanie saw more and more how close Max and Morgan were getting. Unable to watch any longer, she left the party and went to talk to her parents.

Meanwhile, Chelsea was abducted by a man that wanted the two boys that Nick Fallon, Chelsea's boyfriend, was caring for. Luckily she was saved.

On Halloween night, the sorority threw a party. Chelsea and Stephanie again tried to talk to Cordy about what happened. Finally, she broke down and admitted that she had been raped by Ford Decker. Stephanie ran from the room in tears while Chelsea comforted Cordy. Max saw a girl at the party, named Ashley, who looked bruised and disheveled. She told him that Ford had gotten "rough" with her.

Morgan, meanwhile, offered to drive a drunk Ford home. Before leaving, Ford drugged Morgan's drink, and Morgan later passed out in Ford's room. Ford took advantage of this and took her to his bed, where he tried to rape her. Luckily, Max and Jett, who saw a live feed from Ford's webcam, managed to get to his room in time and stop him from raping Morgan.

It was also at the time that Stephanie began having visions of being on a bed, and a man standing over her undressing. She believed that she may have been raped the night she left the party, though she wasn't sure and didn't know who her attacker would be.

Ford Decker threatened Stephanie on two occasions, once at The Cheatin' Heart, going so far as to shatter a glass bottle and threaten her with it; the second when he went to her parents' hotel suite yelling at her and stating not to tell anyone about their night together.

Stephanie confided in her mother about the rape but was insistent that Steve, her father, not find out because he would kill Ford Decker. Later on the girls of the sorority came up with a plan to get Ford to confess and get it on tape. Things went bad when Chelsea ended up drugged. Ford trying to go after Chelsea fell down the stairs and died. The girls, along with Max Brady, buried Ford in the basement. Ford's father found out about this and tried to have everyone involved brought up on charges. They were subsequently dropped.


After dealing with the Ford Decker issue Stephanie went on to get an internship with Anna DiMera, and started dating Max Brady. Her parents welcomed their new son Joseph "Joe" Johnson into the family, making her a big sister.

Soon after Max went to France to locate his half sister Melanie, Stephanie soon followed him. They were arrested after Melanie claimed that they were harassing her but soon let out. Max and Stephanie broke up after Max's biological father was murdered, and Stephanie believed that his sister, Melanie was to blame. It turned out that Nick Fallon, who was in love with Melanie, murdered him out of defense of Melanie.

In November, Stephanie went to work for Philip Kiriakis at Titan. The two became close, much to Melanie's dismay. But in February of 2009 Stephanie ended her relationship with Philip after seeing him kissing Melanie. It was later revealed that Philip had only kissed Melanie for business, but Stephanie still broke up with Philip after seeing his competitive side. Though the two are no longer dating, Philip has kissed Stephanie twice and she is having second thoughts about breaking up with him.

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