Spriggan operatives. From left to right: Yu Ominae, Jean Jacquemonde, Tea Flatte and Oboro
Publication information
Publisher Japan Shogakukan
Canada United States VIZ Media (Defunct)
France Glenat (Defunct)
Germany Planet Manga
Hong Kong Jade Dynasty
Indonesia Elex Media
Malaysia Komik Remaja (Defunct)
Netherlands Big Balloon
Singapore Chuang Yi (English)
South Korea Junior Special Comics (Original), Daiwon C.I. & Gang Dok Mok? (Collector's Edition)
Spain Planeta DeAgostini
Template:Country data Taiwan Tong Li Publishing
First appearance Spriggan, Volume 1
Created by Hiroshi Takashige, Ryoji Minagawa
In-story information
Type of organization Secret agents
Base(s) Worldwide, based in several ARCAM Corporation branches
Agent(s) Yu Ominae
Jean Jacquemonde
Tea Flatte
Yamamoto (Retired)
Bowman (Resigned, with Trident - Deceased, died of wounds sustained by Yu Ominae in Phantom Isle)
Tony Bennett (Deceased - killed by Jean Jacquemonde)

Spriggans (スプリガン Supurigan?) or Strikers[1] from the English translation, are secret agents in the Spriggan manga. They are recruited by the ARCAM Corporation in order to do covert work in hostile areas without compromising the company since they don't carry any identification that would give away any links to ARCAM, even though its enemies know that they would deploy them in action. Some agents would be recruited from ARCAM funded or assisted establishments. Yu Ominae, for one, was recruited by ARCAM when he entered high school in Japan, which happened to be funded by the ARCAM Corporation.

Spriggans are classified as S-Class agents.


Although most Spriggan agents are issued with a device called the Armored Muscle (AM) Suit, a jumpsuit made from Omihalcon, only Japanese operative Yu Ominae is known to be the wearer of the suit. When activated, it would use artificial muscles to help them carry heavy items and weapons with their hands 30 times their own normal weight while making them impervious to bullets and melee weapons.

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  1. Only used in the translation released by VIZ before it ended their work on Spriggan.
  2. Tony: "When I'm done with my assignment, my contract in the CIA will end and I'll start serving the contract I've signed with ARCAM. Which means I'll become one of you Spriggan!" (Spriggan: Volume 7 - Advent. Chuang Yi) - ISBN 981-269-549-4, page 183.