Spine of the World is used by two American authors, R. A. Salvatore and Robert Jordan, to describe a range of mountains in their novels.

  • Author Robert Jordan uses it to describe the mountains that divide the Aiel Waste from the Westlands, running the length of the continent north to south giving an appearance of a spine, in his fictional novel series the Wheel of Time.
  • In the fictional setting of the Forgotten Realms, the Spine of the World is the range of mountains in Northern Faerûn that lies just south of Icewind Dale and the northern icecaps[citation needed]. It is said to be almost impossible to cross, teeming with ogres, orcs, and other foul creatures of the north. Bards say[attribution needed] that if one does manage to cross it, one comes to an endless sea of mist and ice, in which white dragons (the least intelligent of true dragons) wait to consume anything that comes their way. This is just a myth, however, as white dragons are quite rare.

The Spine of the World is also a novel by R. A. Salvatore.

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