The spin attack is one of Link's signature moves in many of The Legend of Zelda video games.

Ocarina of Time[]

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Link acquires the spin attack in Death Mountain´s top, after bombing a secret entrance to a Great Fairy Fountain and playing the Zelda´s Lullaby song. The Great Fairy will then proceed to explain how to use it and about magic usage, conservation and refill.

The spin attack was a chargeable attack that used one magic point. By pressing and holding B, Link could charge his sword. He could still move, but in a really slow and clumsy way. Also, Link could unleash a blue charge if he didn't hold it enough time, or a red charge after max charging. The spin attack always has a limit damage and won´t keep increasing the damage it will do to enemies by holding it.

Majora´s Mask[]

In Majora´s Mask, Link acquired the Spin Attack in the Great Fairy Shrine in Clock Town. However, as the Fairy´s power had been reduced by Skull Kid´s attack, she could only give Link the blue, low damage charge. After finding all the Stray Fairies in Woodfall Temple, the Great Fairy of that area will give you the complete charge. Fierce Deity Link won´t produce any charge from pressing B and hold.