Special Force
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Developer(s) South Korea Dragonfly GF
Publisher(s) South Korea Neowiz Games

Japan Hangame

United States Ijji

China CDC Games

Vietnam FPT Online

Philippines GameClub

Template:Country data Taiwan Wayi Online

Thailand GoodGame

Platform(s) Windows 98

Windows 2000

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Genre(s) First-person shooter

Online Game

Mode(s) Multiplayer

Close Quarters Combat

Battle Group

Rating(s) ESRB: Teen (T)
Media Download
System requirements Windows
  • CPU: P3-1G or AMD Athlon 1.0 P4-1.8G or AMD Athlon XP 1800+
  • RAM: 1gb 2gb
  • VGA : Geforce3 (64 MB) / Radeon 9000 Geforce FX 5700, Radeon 9500
  • DirectX : DirectX 9.0c
  • Required Memory: 500Mb
Input methods Keyboard, mouse, Joystick

Special Force (commonly called SF) is an online first-person shooter licensed by Dragonfly GF Co., Ltd. It is distributed as a Free to Play, a common form of freeware EULA and available through online downloading. It is called Soldier Front in the North American Version and Special Force in Asian Version. Special Force has a ranking method that describes a player's character from Trainee to General of the Army. The game can be downloaded free of charge in the official website but Special Force requires online registration to play. Before you can play in the game you need to have a codename. Special Force has a low system requirements compared to other online first person shooters. This gives the game the a larger community, allowing online players to play without following the latest trends in PC gaming hardware.


Getting Started[]

To join a battle, you need to choose a Server, it will show you the Channel List, after selecting a channel it will direct you on the Room List or the Lobby. The Lobby is where you can see all the rooms on the said channel. You can create your own room or join another person's room. Each Server has a capacity of 2100 Players.After selecting a server, you will see the Channel List. Each server has 13 channels with a capacity of 200 players. After selecting a channel, you will see the list of the rooms or the Lobby. You can see here the game modes, room master, number of players and the status of each rooms.


Single Battle

Single Battle is essentially a deathmatch mode. In this setting, a minimum of two players have to be in the room to start the game and up to 16 players can participate in this battle. The goal is to reach the pre-set amount of kills by defeating all enemies in sight. Defeated players will re-spawn after every death in random spots until one player has won the game.

Team Battle

Players are grouped into opposing teams, the Red and Blue team, to achieve their respective missions. Red Team's objective is to evade, destroy a target, capture an item or eliminate the players of the other team. Blue team's mission is to prevent the other team from achieving their mission. Each scenario has its time limit from which the Red Team must perform their goals within the timeframe. Game count is set by the host (5 to 10 wins) from which both teams must race to achieve to determine the winning team.

  • Demolition Operations Red Team must either destroy the target by planting the bomb or annihilate all opponents within the time frame. Blue team's objective is to prevent the opponents from destroying the target by defusing the bomb, eliminate all members of the other team or survive until the time limit expires.
  • Retrieval Operations This mission involves the Red Team having to steal and carry back a certain item defended by the Blue Team to the initial location of the Red Team. The Blue Team’s focus here is to defend the item and prevent the Red Team from breaking into its boundaries. It is only the Red Team that can manipulate the item by pressing “E” on your keyboard.
  • Extraction Operations With the Blue Team hindering the operation, the Red Team must begin the escape while it is returning to base after military duties or while it is isolated at a certain area. It takes only one player from the Red Team to reach the destination for the team to win. The Blue Team must cautiously read and analyze the movement of the Red Team.
  • Siege Operations The Red Team and the Blue Team must compete in order to take the single item across the combat field to the opposing force's spawn point. Press "E" on your keyboard to control the item in this mode as well. Unlike other operations, the Dual Operation allows the character to re-spawn (rejuvenate) until the mission is accomplished by one side, provoking the game to be more intense on the field.

Clan Battle

Join a clan if you want to enjoy Soldier Front to the max! Once you register with a clan, you can participate in clan combats and tournaments that are facilitated routinely. The game procedure is similar to the Team Battle mode but can only be initiated when two clans are present.

Clan wars is the exact same as "Team Mode", but clans face each other instead for " Clan points" which raise the clan's rank. The opposing teams are made up of members of opposing clans. In order to raise clan's ranks, play a clan battle. Playing it gives clan points. Both clans playing both sides of each map RED & BLUE with five rounds each to be able to determine the win percent out of tatal rounds.

Team Deathmatch

In Team Deathmatch, the only objective is to take down the enemy! For each enemy you dispatch, you score points. Whichever team reaches 100 points first wins.

Add bonus points for special conditions such as: headshots, grenade kills, slashes, and multi-kills. Pick up ammo and replenish your stock after each kill. When you die, you re-spawn and can rejoin the fight.

Sniper Match

It is like a team battle, but you can only use a sniper gun. Players are grouped into opposing teams, the Red and Blue team. Both teams objective is to eliminate the players of the other team. The sniper mode has its time limit within the timeframe. Game count is set by the host (5 to 10 wins) from which both teams must race to achieve to determine the winning team.


CTC or Capture the Captain mode, It is like in Team Deathmatch, the only objective is to protect your captain and to kill the enemy's captain.You will be able to identify the captain because the Captain has a big head than other players and you will also see a captain icon.


SFWC or Special Force World Championship (SFWC) is the Special Force world championship between major participating countries like Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, Thailand and Philippines to find which country has the best player in the world. As of 2008, Taiwan players possess the championship of Special Force Online.

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