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19:36, June 26, 2020Phoenix rising from its ashes.jpg (file)602 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Phoenix rising from its ashes.jpg)
18:27, June 26, 2020战长沙151549.jpg (file)1.33 MBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:战长沙151549.jpg)
11:09, June 26, 2020DAB list gray.svg (file)3 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:DAB list gray.svg)
10:34, June 26, 2020Comiclogo.svg (file)9 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Comiclogo.svg)
16:26, June 22, 2020Gnome-mime-sound-openclipart.svg (file)20 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Gnome-mime-sound-openclipart.svg)
16:24, June 22, 2020Openclipart logo and wordmark (big).svg (file)21 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Openclipart logo and wordmark (big).svg)
16:23, June 22, 2020Gnome-mime-audio-openclipart.svg (file)27 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Gnome-mime-audio-openclipart.svg)
16:21, June 22, 2020Audio-input-microphone.svg (file)42 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Audio-input-microphone.svg)
15:22, June 22, 2020Tolkienensemble.jpg (file)47 KBQuinsareth (From
14:53, June 22, 2020Bar-en-Aran.svg (file)25 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Bar-en-Aran.svg)
14:51, June 22, 2020Bar-en-Damba.svg (file)109 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Bar-en-Damba.svg)
14:50, June 22, 2020House of the Harp.svg (file)177 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:House of the Harp.svg)
14:49, June 22, 2020Bar-en-Eithel.svg (file)506 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Bar-en-Eithel.svg)
14:48, June 22, 2020Bar-en-Lothglor.svg (file)83 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Bar-en-Lothglor.svg)
14:47, June 22, 2020Bar-en-Galadh.svg (file)12 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Bar-en-Galadh.svg)
14:46, June 22, 2020House of the Tower of Snow.svg (file)95 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:House of the Tower of Snow.svg)
14:44, June 22, 2020House of the Pillar.svg (file)79 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:House of the Pillar.svg)
14:43, June 22, 2020House of the Heavenly Arch.svg (file)99 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:House of the Heavenly Arch.svg)
14:42, June 22, 2020Bar-en-Duilin.svg (file)74 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Bar-en-Duilin.svg)
14:41, June 22, 2020House of the Mole.svg (file)72 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:House of the Mole.svg)
14:40, June 22, 2020Bar-en-Alphram.svg (file)79 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Bar-en-Alphram.svg)
14:38, June 22, 2020The Fall of Turgon's Tower.jpg (file)222 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:The Fall of Turgon's Tower.jpg)
20:47, June 16, 2020Wizards of the Coast logo.svg (file)14 KBQuinsareth (From Wikipedia:File:Wizards of the Coast logo.svg)
20:35, June 16, 2020Brands of the World Logo.svg (file)13 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Brands of the World Logo.svg)
20:32, June 16, 2020Friends logo.svg (file)52 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Friends logo.svg)
20:28, June 16, 2020Horseshoe and devil.svg (file)155 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Horseshoe and devil.svg)
20:20, June 16, 2020United States film clapperboard.svg (file)30 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:United States film clapperboard.svg)
20:15, June 16, 2020Video-x-generic.svg (file)4 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Video-x-generic.svg)
20:11, June 16, 2020Family Guy television set.svg (file)43 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:File:Family Guy television set.svg)
20:04, June 16, 2020Final Fantasy wordmark.svg (file)6 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Final Fantasy wordmark.svg)
19:59, June 16, 2020Friendly stickman.svg (file)7 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Friendly stickman.svg)
16:23, June 16, 2020Dr Nick.png (file)56 KBQuinsareth (From
14:34, June 16, 2020WFXTnewsatten10-13-2000.jpg.PNG (file)1.48 MBCashmaster9000 
13:06, June 16, 2020Example image not to be used in article namespace.jpg (file)27 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Example image not to be used in article namespace.jpg)
11:41, June 16, 2020Curly Brackets.svg (file)572 BQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Curly Brackets.svg)
21:05, June 14, 2020KESQ NewsChannel 3 HD.jpg (file)31 KBKahlilLovesLogos 
19:14, June 14, 2020North Africa (orthographic projection).svg (file)161 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:North Africa (orthographic projection).svg)
19:09, June 14, 2020LocationNorthernAfrica.png (file)10 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:LocationNorthernAfrica.png)
18:54, June 14, 2020Asia satellite plane.jpg (file)69 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Asia satellite plane.jpg)
16:53, June 14, 2020North America satellite globe.jpg (file)94 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:North America satellite globe.jpg)
16:13, June 14, 2020Ringo callyswar.jpg (file)40 KBQuinsareth (From Wikipedia:File:Ringo callyswar.jpg)
15:48, June 14, 2020Ringo sistertime.jpg (file)40 KBQuinsareth (From Wikipedia:File:Ringo sistertime.jpg)
15:40, June 14, 2020Ringo hotc.jpg (file)45 KBQuinsareth (From Wikipedia:File:Ringo hotc.jpg)
15:21, June 14, 2020NCH10 waifu2x art noise3 scale tta 1.png (file)89 KBKahlilLovesLogos 
15:11, June 14, 2020KFDA 1990.png (file)3 KBKahlilLovesLogos 
15:06, June 14, 2020WHAS-TV 1982.png (file)7 KBKahlilLovesLogos 
13:24, June 14, 2020Ringo the hero.jpg (file)40 KBQuinsareth (From Wikipedia:File:Ringo the hero.jpg)
13:02, June 14, 2020Sfbook.png (file)19 KBQuinsareth (From Commons:File:Sfbook.png)
12:52, June 14, 2020Ringo eots.jpg (file)47 KBQuinsareth (From Wikipedia:File:Ringo eots.jpg)
12:17, June 14, 2020Wirehead Coverart.png (file)214 KBQuinsareth (From Wikipedia:File:Wirehead Coverart.png)

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