Spargus Jak3

Spargus City.

Spargus is a fictional city from the game Jak 3, the 3rd in the Jak & Daxter game series.


Spargus City is a low-tech burg located deep in the Wasteland and is home to Haven City's refuse, those thrown out into the Wasteland and left to die. The gates are always open to those banished from Haven, and it's inhabitants are called "The Forgotten Ones." The city has 3 main areas: the Coast Section, the King's Palace, and the Lower Section. Houses are scattered throughout the sections, but each of the 3 areas have notable places. The King's Palace section is a small section that compromises a few houses and the Palace. The palace is a tall, but not wide, tower. The palace is beautifully decorated with tiny waterfalls, plants, ancient Precursor technology and items and, of course, the king's throne. The Palace Tower serves as a symbol of hope in the Wasteland because anywhere in the desert, it is visible- on top of the palace tower there is a huge fire lit that acts as a guide for anyone to find the city; it is even visible in sandstorms. In the Coast Section, there is a turret that points out to the sea, and is used primarily for a defense mechanism. The Coast Section is also home to a bustling open-air marketplace that deals in fruits and pottery. The Lower Section is notable for Kleiver's garage and more importantly, the Spargus Gladitorial Arena. When newcomers arrive in the city, they must complete three trials of strength in the Arena. It is a vital part of Spargus City. The king dictates when newcomers should test their strength. He oversees the matches and gives them a part of an amulet if they succeed and when all three pieces are obtained (by proving your strength three times) the finished amulet can be used as a 'distress beacon'.

The city serves as a refuge for bandits and outcasts all of whom have been cast out of Haven for crimes (as it is thought that none could survive outside the protective walls of Haven City). A huge wall surrounds the entire city, but unlike Haven City, citizens may leave the cities protection when they feel the need. At the only exit to the city (excluding the seafront) There is a huge garage containing many vehicles all varying in size and speed for their users purpose.

The city walls are often besiged by the marauders living in the surounding wastelands but it is unknown whether they have ever breached the walls.


Before he builds and became king of spargus Damas was once the ruler of Haven City, but he was betrayed in an unknown way by Baron Praxis. It is thought that any others were banished with Damas (possibly supporters of his) and together they built a refuge for outcasts and supposed criminals. Marauders, who hail from the Icelands to the south, constantly strive to bring Damas' (now Sig's) rule down. There are also monks. Damas calls them my monks so it is asumed that they are simply a religious group, yet they live in a far away temple.

When Jak arrives in Spargus in Jak 3 he is treated like a life debter; King Damas, the king, does not realise that Jak is his son. As the game goes on, nothing in particular happens to the city, but Jak comes along and improves matters for it. Very late in the game, Dark Makers invade Spargus from the sea. During this time, citizens fight small but vicious agents while Jak shoots down colossal, squid like creatures with the turret by the shore.


  • Although Jak can go from Haven City to Spargus City and vice versa, no-one else can.
  • It is unclear why Damas even allows Jak to go to Haven City, since it was he who saved his life.
  • Like in Jak 2, you'll die if you go too far into the sea, but instead of a robot shooting you, you get devoured by a sea monster.
  • It is interesting to note that in Jak X, Spargus looks nothing like it did in Jak 3. It is mainly a racing track.
  • According to the map screen in Jak 3, the Wasteland is located on an island.