Space Empire Elite or SEE is a multi-player bulletin board system strategy game for Atari ST BBSes. In Space Empire Elite, players rule an empire which they expand by purchasing planets or conquering other empires. Players are responsible for maintenance of their military and planets as well as feeding the population and the army. The goal is to become the largest, most powerful empire and remain so for as long as possible.

One of SEE's key features is that it can be setup for "intergalactic," or inter-BBS, play. In this mode, players on a BBS are part of the same "galaxy" and work more as a team, trying to destroy other galaxies.

Jon Radoff is the original author of SEE in 1987.[1][2] According to the documentation files for SEE v11.34, later authors who maintained or contributed to SEE include Jurgen van den Handel, Steven P. Reed, Carlis Darby, David Pence, Doc Wynne, David Jones, and Dick Pederson.

SEE was the inspiration for several other BBS door games, including Solar Realms Elite[3] (and its cousins Barren Realms Elite, The Arcadian Legends, and Falcon's Eye) and Space Dynasty.

Amit Patel, the author of Solar Realms Elite, said SEE itself was based on a game called "Space Empire" for the Amiga.[3]

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