The Shining South game accessory

Faerûn is a fictional continent in the Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting world of Forgotten Realms. The southern part of the continent lies to the south of the regions around the Sea of Fallen Stars, being somewhat isolated by the Lake of Steam in the west, and the vast length of the Shaar. It is bordered along the south by the Great Sea; to the west by the Chultan peninsula region, and in the east by Luiren.

  • Border Kingdoms — This area is located along the southeastern shore of the Lake of Steam, and north of Lapaliiya and the Shaar. It is a land of unstable kingdoms that rise and fall all too frequently. Despite the turbulent politics and struggles for power, the hardly locals manage to survive and go about their lives although they could by no means be considered prosperous.
  • Dambrath — Along the southern shores of the continent is this dire nation of enslaved humans commanded by half-elf descendants of the Drow. Its northern borders lie along the Forest of Amtar, beyond the Gnollwatch Mountains. Much of the shore lies along the Bay of Dancing Dolphins, which is enclosed by a peninsula and is open to the east. The capital city is Cathyr.
  • Great Rift — In the southern heart of the Shaar lies this great canyon with steep sides and a lake in its middle. This area is an ancient home of the Dwarves, and these diminutive humanoids still command its surroundings. The largest surface city is Eartheart, just to the south of the rift, although the larger city of Underhome lies in the underdark beside the rift.
  • Halruaa — Surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides and the Great Sea along the south is this mysterious, quiet and wealthy nation of insular wizards, descending from Netherese refugees. The nation is divided into sections by three rivers that meet at Lake Halruaa in the center. The small capital city of Halarahh lies along the northern shore of this body of water.
  • Lake of Steam — This saltwater lake is joined to the Shining Sea to the south by the Strait of Storms. The lake gained its name due to underwater volcanism. There are a number of independent city-states along the north shore, all once part of Calimshan. These cities retain many characteristics of their former masters, and are rife with plots and intrigues.
  • The Shaar — This is a wide grassland that stretches from the Shining Sea in the west to the borders of Mulhrand and Veldorn in the east. It is home to nomadic tribes and various non-human races. The largest inhabited city is Shaarmid, which lies to the south of Sespech in the western part of the plains.


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