Skylar Stevens
First appearance Pilot
Created by Stephen Chbosky
Portrayed by Candace Bailey
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Family Parents mentioned in multiple episodes(possibly alive)
Spouse Dale Turner (boyfriend)

Skylar Stevens is a character on the American post-apocalyptic drama Jericho. She is played by Candace Bailey.

Skylar Stevens is a teenage girl from an affluent family. After Denver is destroyed in the nuclear attacks she fears that her parents, who were in New York City, are dead, too. However, New York was apparently not destroyed in the attacks, so she continues to retain ever-dwindling hope. Her family owns part of the salt mine in Jericho, which makes her extremely wealthy after the increased demand for salt.

Initially, Skylar and her friends don't think much of Dale, labeling him a "freak", but she begins to form a bond with him when he brings supplies to her house, and reveals that he lost his mother in the attacks. Later, she shows genuine concern when she learns that Dale's trailer home has been destroyed in a fire, leaving him homeless.

When Dale is arrested, Skylar attempts to bail him with her (now-useless) credit card. She offers to let Dale stay at her house. When Dale is left to run Gracie's Market, Skylar helps him out. They later form a romantic relationship.

In Season 2, Skylar is still helping Dale run Gracie's store, and stands up for him when the Jericho townspeople condemn his smuggling.