Sky Tate
First Appearance: Beginnings, Part 1 (Power Rangers: S.P.D.)
Last Appearance: Endings, Part 2 (Power Rangers: S.P.D.)
Status: Active as S.P.D. Red Ranger
Affiliation: Space Patrol Delta
Homeworld: Earth

Blue Ranger

  • Deltamax Striker
  • Delta Enforcer
  • SWAT Mode

Red Ranger:


Blue Ranger:

  • Delta Runner 2
  • SWAT Flyer 2

Red Ranger:

  • Delta Runner 1
  • SWAT Flyer 1
  • Patrol Cycle
  • S.P.D. Blue Ranger
  • S.P.D. Red Ranger
  • Force Field Generation
Portrayed by: Chris Violette

Schuyler "Sky" Tate is a fictional character from the Power Rangers universe, appearing in the television series Power Rangers: S.P.D. He is a member of the Space Patrol Delta organization. He was portrayed by Chris Violette.


Character History[]


Sky Tate, as the S.P.D. Blue Ranger

Schuyler "Sky" Tate is the son of an S.P.D. legend. His father apparently helped create the Delta Morphers and due to this his DNA was altered, passing on a special ability to create force-fields to Sky. When Sky was around 5 or 6, his father had distinguished himself as a great Power Ranger. One day, the senior Tate fought an intense battle, saving dozens of people, but losing his life to a criminal named Mirloc. Mirloc was later contained and sent to a special prison facility. The helmet belonging to Sky's dad was found and given to Sky after his father died. This is what probably made Sky want to be a Power Ranger - to save people and be like the father he adored. After this he joined S.P.D., making friends with Dru, a Tangarian.

In the year 2025, he had distinguished himself as one of S.P.D. Earth's finest. He was on the B-Squad, along with Bridge Carson and Sydney Drew. Anubis Cruger, the S.P.D. Earth commander, knew of the inevitable invasion of Emperor Gruumm, and so he granted the B-Squad Ranger Status. Sky was made the Blue Ranger, because he had said to Cruger when asked that he would not acccept either Bridge or Syd as Red Ranger, thus showing he was not disciplined enough to follow orders. However, this was not explained to him, and he was extremely displeased with Cruger's decision. Their first task was to bring in Jack and Z. They succeeded, but Jack and Z joined the B-Squad instead of going to jail, with Cruger making Jack the Red Ranger. Sky was upset about this and got into many arguments with Jack about what the teams should have done in battle. Even though Jack and Sky didn't always agree, Sky grew to accept Jack's position as Red Ranger.

Sky's old friend Dru Harrington showed up to the academy one day. Sky and Dru had both a bracelet to symbolize their friendship. He had been missing for a year or so and was now under Broodwing's payroll. Though Sky didn't believe this, Jack sensed something was wrong. Dru had been sent to the Academy by Broodwing and Gruumm to assassinate Commander Cruger. Dru tried to kill Cruger, but he failed, which led to Sky learning the truth about him. Sky brought Dru in all by himself, and learned from Jack that a bracelet doesn't make a friendship.

Sky was responsible for Mirloc escaping from his specially made prison. Mirloc's ability to travel through reflective surfaces allowed him to escape, as he had managed to make Sky cry whilst Sky was telling the story of his father, and Mirloc took advantage of this moment by using Sky's tear to flee from his bondage. Jack lets Sky borrow his morpher to become the Red Ranger to bring in Mirloc out of respect to Sky's father. Sky defeated Mirloc using the Battlizer, and contained him.

Sky eventually grows into more of a team player and realizes he needs his team as much as they need him. He also learns that his relationship with his fellow Rangers isn't just professional but personal. By accepting his teammates, he earned the SWAT Mode along with the rest of his team.

While Jack was looking for Bridge after he had gone missing, Cruger told Sky to lead the Rangers. He did a fine job and even impressed Cruger by how much he had grown.

After Jack resigned from S.P.D., Cruger finally promoted Sky to Red Ranger, while Bridge took over his former position as Blue Ranger.(This time he said to Cruger that he would follow anyone that Cruger thought worthy of being red ranger into battle, showing that he had finally learned his lesson.)


  • Sky is the exact English counterpart of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger's Hoji who has the same exact personality as Sky.
  • Sky is born in 2005 so in our timeline he is still 2-year old (Possibly 3).


  • Sky is the first Ranger to temporarily gain full access to another Ranger's powers. Jack allowed Sky use of his powers, including his battlizer, to defeat Mirloc and avenge the death of his father. Oddly enough, this temporary transfer was made by switching morphers (leading to the possible conclusion that anyone who can activate the morpher can use any Ranger's powers at any given time).
  • Sky is the first Blue Ranger to later become a Red Ranger. Ironically, previous red rangers Rocky (Second Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Red Ranger) & T.J. (Second Power Rangers Turbo Red Ranger) both became blue rangers in Power Rangers Zeo & Power Rangers In Space respectively
  • Sky is the first known child of a Power Ranger.
  • Sky was born in 2005, the same year that the show was filmed.


It has been stated that Sky is the son of a "legendary" Red Ranger. In the episode "Walls", we see a picture of a young Sky sitting next to a man in a Red Time Force Ranger uniform with an S.P.D. badge. It is unknown if the man in the photo was supposed to represent Wesley Collins or that the early SPD ranger uniforms were based on the time force ranger uniforms.

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