Sindri Myr is the primary villain in Relic Entertainment's computer game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.

Sindri was a sorcerer of the Alpha Legion who came to the Imperial planet Tartarus seeking a powerful Chaos artifact known as the Maledictum, a stone imprisoning an unidentified daemon of Khorne, this daemon was not a Greater Daemon; however, as Sindri was able to summon the might of the Bloodthirster, a Greater Daemon of Khorne, in later missions of the game. While not identified in the game, it is almost certain this daemon is much more powerful than a Bloodthirster. Sindri was able to extract "The Key", which was the artifact that allowed him to use the Maledictum to be able to ascend as a Daemon Prince. With the Imperial forces on the planet distracted by the concurrent Ork invasion, Sindri and his nominal master, Chaos Lord Bale, had little trouble reaching the artifact, but they were detected and pursued by a company of Space Marines from the Blood Ravens chapter. Sacrificing the unwitting Bale to the Space Marines' onslaught and corrupting the Librarian Isador, Sindri released the stone's power, the daemonic gifts bestowed causing him to take the form of a Daemon Prince in the process. Though his daemon form was immensely powerful, he was eventually destroyed by the Third Company of the Blood Ravens, led by Brother-Captain Gabriel Angelos, wielding the daemonhammer, God-Splitter.

The stages of the War[]

Sindri arranged an uneasy alliance with the Ork Warboss Orkamungus to keep the Space Marines distracted while he and Lord Bale sought out the Maledictum. Sindri and Lord Bale left while the Blood Ravens cut through the Orks and Orkamungus failed to kill the Blood Ravens and missed his chance to kill Sindri and Lord Bale. The Blood Ravens discovered an Eldar presence and fought through them to discover a Chaos Marker. On the road to Mount Korath Sindri telepathically suggested to Librarian Isador that Gabriel didn't trust him. Sindri and Lord Bale made it to a city where the key is located. Lord Bale was losing patience with Sindri and blamed him for the fact they couldn't get the key because the Blood Ravens and the Eldar were fighting there and would discover them if they showed themselves. After the Blood Ravens defeated the Eldar and got to the key while Gabriel was talking to Farseer Macha Sindri teleported in and grabbed the key and teleported away. Farseer Macha reveals to Gabriel where the Alpha legion is located and at last the Blood Ravens know about the Chaos faction. The Blood Ravens defeat the Chaos forces in the temple but Sindri and Lord Bale manage to escape. Sindri continues to tempt Isador and succeeds in getting Isador to take an interest in taking the Maledictum. Sindri starts a ritual with several chaos cultists to obtain the Maledictum and when Lord Bale arrives Sindri is surprised by his sudden presence because of his plan to sacrifice Lord Bale to uncover the Maledictum. The Blood Ravens manage to get to the doorstep of the ritual and Lord Bale and Gabriel start to fight. Sindri orders the Chaos Marines to withdraw so that Lord Bale will die to unleash the Maledictum's power. While Angelos' death would be sufficient to appease the Maledictum, getting Lord Bale out of the way would guarantee Sindri the power for himself. Sindri stands and watches as Gabriel cuts through Lord Bale and then leaves with Isador and the Maledictum. Isador threatens to destroy Sindri with the Maledictum but Sindri proves to be more powerful then he first appeared and he even states Lord Bale had the same opinion as Isador for considering Sindri to be weak. Sindri attacks Isador's mind and takes the Maledictum. Isador is left with no choice but to fight Gabriel while Sindri leaves with the Maledictum to unleash its power. Isador is killed by Gabriel for his treachery. Sindri unlocks the power of the Maledictum and ascends to become a Daemon Prince but is eventually destroyed by the Blood Ravens and Gabriel wielding the daemonhammer , God Splitter. However when Gabriel destroyed the Maledictum he took from Sindri a daemon appeared and Gabriel makes a vow to destroy the daemon and then Gabriel and the Blood Ravens leave. Whether Sindri intended to release the Daemon in the stone is not mentioned but he definitely wanted to obtain the power of the Maledictum. Up until near the end of the conflict it looked as though Lord Bale was in command but in truth Sindri was the one arranging strategies.

Sindri's attitude[]

Sindri didn't seem as worried about the Blood Ravens as Lord Bale. During a conversation in the Desecrated Temple Sindri proves this. When a cultist delivers news about the Blood Ravens arrival, Lord Bale immediately asks how the Blood Ravens got so close. Sindri is more calm and replies with "My Lord, these flies are minor annoyances" and he states there are enough distractions to keep the Blood Ravens busy for the summoning ceremony to reach completion. He even tells Isador that the Maledictum is what he needs to kill Sindri which led the Librarian into believing he was using the power for good when in fact it was gradually corrupting Isador. Sindri's deception was the key to obtaining the power he needed because everyone he spoke to fell victim to it, even Lord Bale.

Sindri wields the Bedlam staff supposedly bestowed only on those bearing the mark of the Chaos god Tzeentch.

At one point Sindri summons a greater Daemon of Khorne, and screams "Blood for the Blood God!" As Sindri is a Chaos Sorceror and follower of Tzeentch, this contradicts Warhammer 40,000 canon as Khorne is known to have a hatred for Sorcerors.

Interestingly Sindri's key philosophy is that "all power requires sacrifice". In fact the last thing he says to Lord Bale is "As I said before, all power requires sacrifice, so I thank you for yours" as he leaves him to face the Blood Ravens alone.

His responses to Lord Bale seem to differ as it gets closer to his demise. For example, after speaking with the Ork Warboss he greatly reasures him. Before Sindri gains the key he dismisses Lord Bales threat quite casually "yes yes then my suffering shall be great." Finally When Sindri is approched by Lord Bale in the desercrated temple he quite openly shows his frustration, "What, Lord Bale" and even seems to go as far as giving him orders "Might I suggest throwing everything at the Blood Ravens."