Forgotten Realms country
Silver Marches
Capital Silverymoon (arguably)
Government Confederation
Ruler Alustriel Silverhand
Population 1,090,000 (est.)
Races Humans, dwarves, elves, half-elves, halflings, gnomes, half-orcs

Silver Marches (formerly known as Luruar) is a fictional region and political entity on the fictional continent of Faerûn, in the Forgotten Realms.

It is bordered by the Anauroch desert to the east, the High Forest to the south, the Savage Frontier to the west and the Spine of the World mountain range to the north and has an estimated population of 1,090,800.

The confederation of the Silver Marches consists of its capital city Silverymoon as well as Everlund, Sundabar, Mithral Hall (est. population 4,991), Citadel Adbar, Citadel Felbarr and some minor towns and villages, including Quaervarr in the Moonwood, Deadsnows and Newfort. The current leader of the confederation is High Lady Alustriel Silverhand, one of the many chosen of Mystra.

One of the more well known locations in the Silver Marches is Beorunna's Well (estimated population 2,139), which is featured in the computer game Neverwinter Nights.

Cities and towns[]

  • Silverymoon (Capital)
  • Sundabar
  • Rauvinwatch keep
  • High Hold
  • Rivermoot
  • Khelb
  • Jalanthar
  • Winter Edge
  • Quaervarr
  • Everlund
  • Nesme
  • Lluvenhead
  • Hilltop

Related places[]

Mithral Hall[]

Mithral Hall is the fabled dwarven home of Bruenor Battlehammer, an old dwarven city where tunnels were often lined with natural veins of mithral as thick as an arm.

Bruenor was but a non-bearded dwarven youth when gray dwarves, with the aid of a shadow dragon, attacked Mithral Hall and drove out his clan. Its surviving members were scattered, with a main remnant, containing Bruenor, escaping to Icewind Dale. Bruenor rose to leadership of the hundred or so dwarves that remained, and eked out a profitable partnership with the human settlement Ten-Towns, though the dwarf treasured his few memories of his home and vowed to return there. Bruenor tricked Drizzt into vowing to help him find it. After finding it, Bruenor and his companions took back Mithral Hall with the aid of Citadel Adbar, Longsaddle, and Nesmé. After it was reclaimed, the Clan Battlehammer dwarves moved from Icewind Dale back to their ancestral home of Mithral Hall. Dwarves from other strongholds immigrated to Mithral Hall, as well. Bruenor then became the eighth king and later the tenth king after his ancestor, the first king, Gandalug, was recrowned and later died.

Later armies from Menzoberranzan attacked the Dwarven kingdom under the banner of searching for Drizzt for the spider queen. They attacked on the surface and underground but in the end lost horribly, losses included Matron Baenre, the leader of the first house in Menzoberranzan.

Even later after that King Obould the orc being guided by drow survivors of the Menzoberranzan attack looking for fun helped him build an army, "The Thousand Orcs", which grew and grew to overwhelming numbers. Obould's shamans then blessed him which possessed him of Grummsh the one eyed orc god. He then attacked Mithral Hall with the aid of Gerdi the frost giant queen and her minions, and with the aid of Proffit the two headed troll and his blog blokes and trolls.

Citadel Adbar[]

A Dwarven Citadel to the east of Sundabar, ruled by the venerabal King Harbromme, and protected by the famed Iron Guard.

Citadel Felbar[]


A large, dense forest dominated by evergreens, shadowtops, and duskwoods, the Moonwood is home to few natural predators and no orcs or goblinoids. Its southern fringes are peaceful enough home to small bands of moon elves and wood elves who roam its green depths and fair meadows, as well as the rustic homes of woodcutters and trappers. The northern depths are a different matter—there, the woods become darker, thcker, and more overgrown, and the People of the Black Blood hunt. The Moonwood is a little over a hundred miles from north to south, and approximately 60 miles wide in the Northern parts. It tapers down to the south west.

The Moonwood is home to a few characters in the Drizzt Do'Urden series by R.A. Salvatore including Ellifain Tuuserail, Tarathiel, and Innovindil.

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  • Some parts of the official Neverwinter adventures occurred in Luruar, particularly at Beorunna's Well