Silhouette is a fictional character from the Destroy All Humans! series. She is the main antagonist of Destroy All Humans!.


Presumably the leader of the Majestic forces in the American government, Silhouette leads the Majestic against the Furon race and despite her shadowy figure appearance, she is first seen after a Majestic agent hypnotizes two teenagers looking for adventure and presumes to be working with General Armquist, the general of the military government in America. Silhouette also is seen with Armquist at the Octagon base in Capital City and after Cryptosporidium 137 assassinates Armquist, he later meets Silhouette at the White House as the Earth turns the keys to it. After a brief struggle, Silhouette rips off her clothes and removes her mask, revealing to Crypto that she is female and reveals that she killed Crypto's predecessor. Silhouette then uses a robot by the name of Roboprez to fight Crypto and after he defeats the robot, he heads off to find his main enemy at the Octagon. She wields two energy anti-alien blasters that shots pink energy (to match her female values). If her Mind is scanned during the fight she is revealed to be a feminist who is plotting to dominate the world.

As the two have a battle, Silhouette is defeated after the fight and she vows that the Furon race will never rule and conquer Earth and reveals to Crypto, as her last words, that Majestic isn't only active in America. Soon, Crypto later vows that Earth will become part of control by the Furon Empire and then, he kills Silhouette at close with her face offscreen as she may have her head crushed by Crypto's foot. As a result, the Majestic agents where wiped out and Crypto becomes ruler of America and later all of Earth. In Destroy All Humans! 2 another Majestic agency in Albion, England is Lead by a character named Reginald Ponsonby-Smythe, who's mind can be scanned to reveal that he had fallen in love with Silhouette. His boss battle is strongly similar to Her's.