Sheriff Charlie Mills is a fictional character from the horror thriller/mystery show, Harper's Island. Sheriff Mills is portrayed by Jim Beaver.[1][2][3]


Sheriff Charlie Mills is Abby's father.[4] He supposedly killed John Wakefield after his wife, Sarah, died. He sent Abby away, but now she is back.

1st Episode[]

Sheriff Mills stops a bar fight.

He asks Abby if she got the Christmas cards he sent.

2nd Episode[]

Sheriff Mills investigates a break-in at the maritine museum and later investigates Kelly's dead body with one of his deputies.

3rd Episode[]

Sheriff Mills informs Abby about Kelly's death.

The doctor investigates Kelly's dead body and informs Sheriff Mills about her eyes. Kelly's eyeballs are red(ink filled).

Sheriff Mills finds a newspaper with a message written "You found her, now find me".

5th episode[]

Sheriff Mills knocks on Jimmy's home and Abby opens it. Jimmy and Sheriff Mills says they have a plan.

Sheriff Mills, Jimmy and Abby goes to a cafe for breakfast.

Sheriff Mills finds the dismembered corpse of Reverend Fain.

It is revealed that Sheriff Mills is still obsessing over Wakefield when Abby finds Wakefield murder articles on his attic.

6th episode[]

Sheriff Mills goes inside the church and finds the dead body of Mr. Wellington with the people crying, mourning and screaming. They are all shocked.

Sheriff Mills investigates and interviews Richard and Katherine.

Sheriff puts J.D. under house arrest in the pantry.

Sheriff Mills sees Abby and Henry digging Wakefield's grave. He does not stop them. He talks to Abby.

10th episode[]

The Sheriff is pulled out of a window by his own truck driven by Wakefield, snapping his neck.


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