Sheen Juarrera Estevez
First appearance Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
Last appearance The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators
Portrayed by Jeff Garcia
Alias Vibrating Lad
Nickname Ultraloser

Human,Teenager, Ultralord-maniatic

and Geek
Gender male
Occupation Vibrating Lad
Family Mr. Estevez (Father),
unamed Sister
unamed Grandmother

Sheen Juarrera Estevez is a fictional character from the TV series and movie Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. He is one of Jimmy's best friends, along with Carl Wheezer. Sheen is voiced by Jeff Garcia.


Sheen is an unusual boy to say the least, exhibits behavior normally associated with arrested development. In short, he is an eccentric kid. He frequently speaks in short, odd, but interesting, phrases. Unlike Jimmy or Cindy, however, he has no catch phrases peculiar to his unique character. Sheen's overbearing tone of voice, hyperactive mode of interaction, and hilarious manic behavior make him an unlikely candidate for a best friend, but indeed, he is Jimmy's best (but annoying) friend. At twelve, Sheen is the oldest of the five main characters. It was originally shown that he'd been held back twice in school, but the creators of the shows have confirmed this as yet another continuity error (similar to his 'sister' as shown below). Nevertheless, he is the oldest.

Sheen's birthday is March 4, and one may only presume that on this day he acquired his wardrobe which consists for the most part of green t-shirts and jeans. The t-shirts almost universally depict UltraLord, a superhero uniquely popular only to Sheen. Sheen's shoes are also exclusively Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, mostly in a green color that matches his UltraLord shirts. His shoes are also seen in black, in the case of matching with a tuxedo or other black outfits.

Proof of Sheen's hyperactive nature surfaces in "Beach Party Mummy" where the viewer learns that Sheen may be on some form of medication for ADHD/ADD, since on the hovercraft, Sheen acts weird as usual, and Libby asks "Did you take your medicine this morning?" and Sheen replies "Maybe". A congenital cause for Sheen's hyperactivity is suggested in The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide. There, the viewer learns that Sheen may have been born with his hyperactivity and illogical nature. Although his impulsive behavior makes him seem fearless, an inexplicable and random phobia possesses him--a fear of the crawl space under his grandma's house. Sheen has a talent with monkeys and can summon the "Atomic Monkey Special Forces Squad," a quasi-military squad of monkeys led by a monkey named "Colonel McSwain" (voiced by Mike Gasaway) whenever they are needed.

Sheen is probabilly of Mexican or Spanish heritage, as he tells Beautiful Gorgeous (voiced by Wendie Malick) in "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion." Although he does speak Spanish on occasion, he does not have a noticeable accent when speaking English, unlike his father whose accent is very pronounced. Unlike Carl, who seems to have no relationship with other females other than a crush on Jimmy's mother, and unlike Jimmy, who chooses to deny his feelings about classmate Cindy Vortex, Sheen makes his love for classmate Libby Folfax well known (though he occasionally gets crushes on older women such as Peggy Tsu and Beautiful Gorgeous. He explains these outside infatuations by saying, "The heart wants what the heart wants!").

Sometimes, Sheen's understanding of reality is off. In "Win, Lose, and Kaboom," for example, Sheen is told that if his team loses, "Earth will be blown up, but if they win, they get a new space-car." While the others reel in horror, Sheen becomes excited at the possibility of winning the car. In the episode "The N Men," he stated that he wants to battle and destroy Tokyo when he gets his powers. In the last episode of Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, The Jerkinators, Sheen is the only one of Jimmy's friends who is oblivious to the fact of the world coming to an end and only expresses dismay after he discovers that the Monster Truck rally will be held the day after doomsday.

Despite his inability to fully grasp the situation around him, Sheen has occasionally helped diffuse a crisis. In When Nerds Collide, Wanda gave Sheen fairy powers in order to free Jorgen Von Strangle from Professor Calamitous's nefarious control. They gave him these powers because he was already as crazy as Wanda's fairy husband, Cosmo. With help from Jimmy, Timmy and the others, the two were able to make Jorgen angry enough for Jimmy to return Jorgen to normal. Jorgen then restored everything to normal, making Sheen a normal human again. Wanda noted, however, that if they "ever needed a sub" they would call.

Like Carl, Sheen sings very poorly. In Attack of the Twonkies, his rendition of "Home on the Range" resulted in his exclusion from the school choir. Disappointed but hopeful, he sang to his Twonkie. When Twonkies hear music, they morph into hideous and evil monsters, but the Twonkies that heard Sheen sing became docile or fell asleep.

Family and Friends[]

Viewers see little of Sheen's family, and most often must content themselves with scenes from Jimmy's absurd family life. Occasionally, the viewer does see Sheen's father at the end of the film version and in cameos of a few episodes. Sheen frequently mentions his never-seen grandmother who apparently lives with him and his father. In the film, the viewer learn that his father may be just as obsessed with Ultralord as Sheen. In the episode Flippy, Sheen's father comes to Career Day and demonstrates air conditioner repair. In I Dream of Jimmy, Sheen mentioned having a little sister who shares his belief in the potty fairy, but the show's directors have since confirmed this as a continuity error[citation needed].

Director Keith Alcorn has confirmed Sheen's family, even though Sheen does mention his mother in "When Pants Attack" ("My mom has that one on layaway,"). According to canon, she died when Sheen was very young. He could have been saying that when she was alive, she had it on layaway, and ostensibly it may still be there, or it could have just been a slip.

Sheen's father has changed since we first saw him at the end of the movie. In the movie, he only says one line: "Ultra son!" His voice sounded just like a regular guy, but in the TV show, whenever Sheen fans are lucky enough to hear him speak, he speaks in a deep, suave voice with a pronounced Mexican accent. In the Season 3 episode "El Magnifico", Sheen's father tries to win his son's respect by impersonating a superhero, then, of course, everything goes awry and Mr. Estevez discovers that Sheen loves him for who he is, and respects him even though he's not a superhero like Ultralord. Even though it is sort of implied in other episodes (such as "Maximun Hugh" in which Mr. Estevez hired a vagrant to take his place as Sheen's parent in the activities) that Sheen's father isn't always there for him, they appear to have a good but slightly strained relationship.

Hobbies, addictions, and activities[]



One of Sheen's many UltraLord Action Figures.

Sheen has a lot of free time on his hands. He has every single UltraLord action figure. Sheen belongs to the "Action Figure Support Group" and owns the largest UltraLord action figure collection in Retroville. For that matter, as mentioned above, most of his t-shirts depict UltraLord. Sheen has a costume (one that takes two hours to get on), he has seen every single episode, he has all the games, and he mentions him in almost every episode. He, in fact, is addicted to UltraLord (whom he admires as a role-model.) Not surprisingly, he also wrote the entire Ultralord website. If someone calls one of his UltraLord "action figures" a doll, he will be greatly offended. Sheen once was sent into his favorite UltraLord video game as Ultra Sheen, so he had to battle his hero's arch nemesis, Robofiend, controlled by an un-realizing Carl, with Jimmy's help. Jimmy and Sheen were doomed until Carl put his llama video game (Llamapalooza!) in the same slot as Sheen's UltraLord game. Sheen gets a growth crystal, which makes him very tall. He grabs a llama and sprays Robofiend with its milk, which, revealed in a European director's cut of an episode of UltraLord, Robofiend is allergic to.

Other activities, addictions, and hobbies[]

Sheen has had several jobs, including a job at McSpanky's, a parody of McDonald's. Here he proved his education in restaurant slang.

Sheen also has an addiction to candy, as revealed in the episode Lady Sings the News by Cindy, which was overheard by Libby, who had gotten a job as the gossip reporter, and had reported on Jimmy, Cindy, and Carl as well.

Sheen has many things that he likes. He likes ice cream, violent TV, and listens to speed metal music. During Jimmy's experiments that require zapping, Sheen is a first to volunteer out of his love for being shocked.

Sheen also likes to put his leg behind his head, as he puts it, "foolishly contorting himself while drinking milk products" (as mentioned in "Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen") which he likens to nail biting.

Sheen is almost always seen hanging out with Jimmy Neutron and Carl Wheezer, his best buds. He is optimistic, and only speaks negatively when he is attempting to depress Carl by scaring him, yelling at him, or talking about llamas dying horribly ("And Carl's llamas fall down, down into the sulfurous mud pits! How the snake god will be pleased!").

Sheen knows a little of a few martial arts and dances. in Attack of the Twonkies Sheen was seen attacking another kid and beating him up because he said "You owe me money". Sheen used to know a little kung-fu and needed some help from an invention of Jimmy's (a special CD that dictates body motions) but went to a tutor. As revealed in the show once, Sheen barely knows how to dance and has to have Jimmy's special CD to dance very well. The only dances he knows are called "Arcturian Dance of Wooing" which he performs for Libby Folfax in the episode "Love Potion #976/J" and "The Porpoise", where he wobbles and jumps around like a porpoise, while repeating the porpoise sound, "Eee!" In the episode "Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen" which is an obvious take on the movie title "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" Sheen shows he has the ability to put one of his legs behind his head and it is discovered that Sheen is actually revered by a group of monks in Shangri-Llama (a parody of Shangri-La).

In the band episode Sheen chose to be the bassist, and to have possibly changed his name to a symbol, hence him wanting to be referred to as 'The Artist Formerly Known As Sheen',this is an ovious emulation of the musical artist Prince.


In an episode of the show, the Junkman scanned Jimmy and his friends' brains. Carl had a walnut-sized brain (a running joke in the series, his brain's size was first shown in "Journey to the Center of Carl" where Sheen thought it was "a walnut on a stick"), but Sheen had a normal sized one; he's probably not actually stupid (despite what other characters, notably Cindy Vortex and Miss Fowl, believe), but just has an extreme case of ADHD, to the point where he doesn't learn anything. Some fans think Sheen may have been normal until he discovered Ultralord, then it went downhill from there. He does however seem very good with computers because he wrote the Ultralord website on his own. In fact, in one episode, Sheen remarks that he used to be "highly scientific" like Jimmy until he "sabotaged" his brain with cartoons and sugar. There is one incident, however, where Sheen becomes a super genius (as mentioned below). Ms. Fowl does not seem to like him. In the episode when Jimmy gets everybody sick, she says, in her classroom, "I miss them all ... except Sheen!!"

Powers and Abilities[]

Normally Sheen's only enhanced ability is his encyclopedic knowledge of all things Ultralord. However, it appears that his horribly off-key singing voice has the ability to put the aliens known as Twonkies to sleep and the only thing that can effect a fully mutated Twonkie.

He is also skilled at playing the harmonica.

In the second season episode "Sheen's Brain", he was exposed to Jimmy's "brain gain" device. At first he developed heightened intelligence, eventually gaining telepathic and telekinetic powers, however this caused him to develop megalomania and eventually declare himself both an overlord and a god. Fortunately, at the end of the episode, he is convinced to give up his powers and return to normal (for Sheen).

In "The N-Men", he became Vibrating Lad, gifted with super speed and the ability to create tornadoes from said speed. It also gave him a weak bladder which he finally overcame before losing his powers to save his life force.

In the episode "Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen", Sheen gains the ability to fly during the fight with the episode's main villain when he gains the "eye of the tiger", after Libby tells him she's his girlfriend, allowing him to win. Whether he still possesses this power is unknown.

As mentioned earlier, Sheen was also temporarily given fairy powers by Cosmo and Wanda to save the world from the Calamitous-Jorgen von Strangle fusion. This was taken away once the conflict was resolved, but Wanda hinted at contacting Sheen whenever she or Cosmo needed a sub, so it is believed that this power can be regained if necessary.

Running Gags[]

Sheen is involved in quite a number of running gags on the show, some of which include:

  • Ms. Fowl has expressed her dislike of Sheen on several occasions.Which causes her to shout his name whenever she announces his name.
  • Beginning to calm Carl by describing a soothing image, such as a tranquil lake, only to make something go horribly wrong.
  • Asking Jimmy how one of his inventions works and becoming utterly confused. Somtimes Carl joins in on this by talking over both of them, so the viewer can't hear an explanation of, for example, how they can fly to the moon in a minute and how they can breathe without helmets while travelling through Outer Space.
  • He is the only one on the show that can't sing, as seen in "Attack of the Twonkies" and "My Big Fat Spy Wedding".
  • His addiction to all things Ultralord.

Different countries[]

Jimmy Neutron airs in many different countries with many different translations, dubs, and tweaks. In Mexico (As mentioned above) in the Mexican dub of the show, Sheen speaks Spanish with problems at pronunciating the Spanish [rr] sound. In the Dutch dub he's known as Rien (Pronounced Reen).


  • Sheen is the oldest of the five main characters.[citation needed]
  • The name "Sheen Estevez" appears to be a reference to the Estevez family of actors; specifically the two brothers Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, sons of Martin Sheen.
  • His middle name, Juarrera, was invented for the show and seems to be a contraction of Juan and Herrera, the first being the Spanish equivalent to John and the second one being the female variant to the word "Herrera" (blacksmith) which is a common Spanish surname, Juarrera is a Catalan name.
  • Sheen is possibly the only character in the series with no eyebrows and no chin. He makes a reference to this in "Beach Party Mummy"'; Libby says she is related to Cleopatra; then Sheen says, "I'm related to the guy who invented baseball!". Then he says, "Did I say baseball? I meant spray-on eyebrows."
  • In the episode When Pants Attack, Sheen mentions having a cat, but it was never shown in the series.
  • Sheen weighs 85 pounds, as evidenced in the Bahama Quadrangle episode: "I'd congratulate you if I wasn't (sic) busy being turned into an 85 pound walking salad!"

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