Dungeons & Dragons creature
Type Magical beast
Source books
First appearance
Mythological origins Shedu

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the Shedu is a Magical beast based upon the Shedu of myth. They resemble imposing, tan colored horses with noble, dwarf-like heads. Large, feathered wings, similar to that of the Pegasus (Dungeons & Dragons) come from their backs. They always have curly brown hair and accompanying beards, and wear a golden headband set with a single button. They are highly intelligent and have strong psionic abilities.

Characteristics and habits[]

Shedu dwell in arid areas, wandering in small herds through the Material Plane Ethereal Plane and Astral Plane. They assist and further the cause of lawful goodness through whatever means they can, but rarely have to go about anything but whatever goals they have themselves. Two different types of Shedu, greater and lesser, exist. Shedu herds typically consist of six or so lesser ones led by a greater one. Shedu attack with their powerful front hooves, but prefer to use their powerful psionic abilities. They radiate an aura which protects them from evil.

Shedu speak a wide range of languages, including Common, Shedu, Lamia, Lammasu, and the root languages.

They are lawful good in alignment.