Shannon Reed
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Portrayed by Isla Fisher
Duration 1994-1997
First appearance 16 September 1994
Episode 1555
Last appearance 6 August 1997
Episode 2213
Gender Female
Occupation Author
Residence Paris

Shannon Reed was a fictional character on the Australian soap opera Home and Away. She appeared between 1994 and 1997. The character was played by actress Isla Fisher.


Shannon arrived in Summer Bay in September 1994, with her brother Curtis Reed. She was fostered by Michael and Pippa Ross, while Curtis went to live with Alf and Ailsa Stewart. The community were shocked to discover that the two were romantically involved, but it was later revealed that they were not blood related and were adopted brother and sister.

After splitting with Curtis, she dated several local guys, including doctor Lachlan Fraser. At one point, Shannon developed a crush on Shane Parrish and made a pass at him. Afterward, she claimed to his wife Angel that she and Shane had been having an affair. The truth eventually came out and it wasn't until Shannon rescued Angel's son Dylan from a kidnapper that they forgave her. She was close friends with Selina Roberts, Sally Fletcher (her foster sister) and Chloe Richards, and the four often got up to mischief together.

One of Shannon's biggest storylines was when she was suffering from anorexia, and was involved in another controversial storyline when it was revealed she had been sexually abused as a child by her uncle. There were also several instances where she questioned her sexuality.


She left the Bay in 1997 to move to Paris to become an author, with her new lesbian lover, Mandy Thomas.