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Shane Bettenhausen
File:Luke smith-shane bettenhausen-1up.jpg
Bettenhausen (left) with former coworker Luke Smith, 2007
Born Lexington, Kentucky
Nationality American
Occupation Director of Business Development, Ignition Entertainment; formerly Executive Editor, 1UP Network Video Game Coverage; Executive Editor, Electronic Gaming Monthly
Website 1UP Page

Shane Bettenhausen is the former executive editor for the video game portion of the San Francisco, California based 1UP Network family of computer and video game related publications. He began his tenure at Electronic Gaming Monthly as associate editor in 2000 after being hired by then-editor-in-chief John Davison.

He had co-hosted 1UP Yours, the flagship podcast of the 1UP Radio Network with Garnett Lee, along with Broken Pixels and appeared regularly on 1UP FM, Retronauts, the 1UP Show and EGM Live.

Bettenhausen left 1UP in January 2009 when it was acquired by UGO, and went on to join Ignition Entertainment as Director of Business Development.