Shadowrun Duels was a collectable miniatures game produced by WizKids, and based on the Shadowrun RPG originally produced by FASA.

WizKids is most famous for their Clix line of games, and Shadowrun Duels was a large scale variant of those games. In most Clix games the miniatures are 28mm scale, and the base has one clickable wheel that changes the figures characteristics as they take damage in the game.

The figures used in Shadowrun Duels were six-inch scale (1 inch = 1 foot) action figures with a separate base that had three Clix dials. This let the figures take damage in one of three areas (Head, Weapon, or Body) as they fought in the game.

One criticism of the game was the cost of the figures, which while expensive as individual game pieces, were reasonably priced as action figures. Despite this a player only needed one or two figures to play the game.

When the game was announced there were going to be three releases of six figures each. The third series was never produced due to the low sales of the first two series. Although a series of cards that could give figures a bonus were given out as convention and tournament bonuses.


Num. Name Point
Release 1   (2003-06-11)
WZK6400 The Street Deacon 2 Male human vigilante
WZK6401 Kyushi 2 Female Yakuza assassin
WZK6402 Liada 3 Female elf mage
WZK6403 G-Dogg 3 Male ork bouncer
WZK6404 Lothan the Wise 4 Male troll mage
WZK6405 Silver Max 3 Male dwarf rigger
ToyFare promo   (2003-10-27)
WZK6406 Kellan Colt 2 Female human mage
Release 2   (2003-12-10)
WZK6407 Karkhov 2 Male street samurai
WZK6408 Midnight 2 Female elf cat-burglar
WZK6409 Natokah 4 Male human shaman
WZK6410 Kross 3 Male ork bodyguard
WZK6411 Wolf Nev 3 Male troll ganger
WZK6412 Draven von Drekill 2 Male dwarf
Shadowrun Gear Cards   (2003-07-21)
Ares Macrotechnology Weapons Tester 0 +2 to Weapon value
Doc Wagon Basic Service 0 Remove 2 clicks of damage
Misuhama Computer Technologies Matrix Certification 0 +2 to a black die just rolled
Novatech Survival Trainee 0 +2 to a yellow die just rolled
Renraku Red Samurai Training Facility 0 +2 to Defense value
Shiawase Biotech Division 0 +2 to Move value
Wuxing, Inc Magic Certification 0 +2 to a red die just rolled
Yamatetsu Cybernetics Laboratory 0 +2 to a white die just rolled
Official errata: the card reads “black die” but should read “red die”

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