Senjutsuki (戦術機, "tactical machines"), or Senjutsuhokousentouki (戦術歩行戦闘機, "tactical walking battle machines"), are large walking robots used as weapons to fight against aliens known as the BETA ("Beings of the Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race") in the video games Muv-Luv (Unlimited) and Muv-Luv Alternative.

The official translation of the name is "tactical surface fighter." However, this is never used in the games, and was first seen around nine months after Alternative was released, in promotional materials for Total Eclipse

As Muv-Luv Unlimited and Alternative take place in alternate timelines to the real world, where mankind has been at war with aliens since 1967, they have been around since the 1970s. The creation of senjutsuki was essential to fighting the BETA, because most kind of airborne units were rendered useless by laser-class BETA and any other ground weapons could not fight effectively inside BETA hives.

Most of the American Senjutsuki are based on real-life fighter jets (e.g.- F-4 Phantom). As aerial combat is obsolete in the Unlimited/Alternative universe, it can be probably assumed that the people who created them in this world created the senjutsuki in the alternate worlds.

Due to the major difference between fighter jets and Senjutsuki, the life expectancy of earlier senjutsuki pilots (who were former fighter jet pilots) in battle was around 8 minutes.

A senjutsuki action figure line by Volks (A3 =Advanced System of Action Arms=) is in the works and to be released in 2007.

Senjutsuki models[]

Muvluvunlimited gekishin

F-4J "Gekishin"

Muvluvunlimited takemikaduchi

Tactical Surface Fighter Type-00 Takemikaduchi (Meiya)

[Takeru in a standard senjutsuki pilot suit (type 99)]

Japanese senjutsuki[]

  • Type-77 F-4J "Gekishin" (激震)
Imperial Japanese model of the F-4 "Phantom".
  • Type-81 A-6J "Wadatsumi" (海神)
Imperial Japanese model of the A-6 "Intruder".
  • Type-94 "Shiranui" (不知火)
Third-generation senjutsuki based on the F-15J and "Fubuki".
  • Type-97 "Fubuki" (吹雪)
Senjutsuki used for training, based on prototypes with basic third-generation senjutsuki technology.
  • Type-89 F-15J "Kagerou" (陽炎)
Imperial Japanese model of the F-15 "Eagle".

Japanese Imperial household ministry senjutsuki[]

  • Zuikaku (瑞鶴)
Upgraded version of the F-4 used by Imperial household ministry guards before the Takemikaduchi was developed.
  • Type-00 Takemikaduchi (武御雷)
Senjutsuki used exclusively by the Imperial household ministry guards.

American senjutsuki[]

  • F-4 "Phantom"
The very first senjutsuki. Even now serving as humankind's main force.
  • F-5
  • F-14 "Tomcat"
Second-generation senjutsuki created by Northrock Grunnan Corporation
  • F-15 "Eagle".
  • F-15E "Strike Eagle"
The best of the second generation Senjutsuki, developed to be the successor to the F-4 "Phantom". Makes up most of America's forces (as of Alternative).
  • F-15ACTV "Active Eagle"
Basically a more agile version of the Strike Eagle. Equipped with a jump unit with identical nozzles to the Raptor.
  • F-18 Hornet
Second-generation senjutsuki created by Northrock Grunnan Corporation
  • F-22A "Raptor"
Third-generation senjutsuki. Equipped with stealth technology, and designed to be capable of fighting against not just the BETA but also humans. Many countries saw this as a political threat as it suggested that America would be ready to fight them once the BETA were defeated. Heard to spot on radar even when charging at you, and equipped with the latest jump units.
  • F-35
Third-generation senjutsuki.
  • A-6 "Intruder"
Heavily-armoured amphibious senjutsuki, launched from submarines.
  • A-12 "Avenger"
Third-generation senjutsuki.
  • X-29
Experimental third-generation senjutsuki.

European Union senjutsuki[]

  • EF-2000 "Typhoon"
Third-generation senjutsuki.
  • "Rafale"
Third-generation senjutsuki.

Soviet senjutsuki[]

  • Su-27 "Zhuravlik"
Second-generation senjutsuki.
  • Su-37 "Terminator"
Third-generation senjutsuki.
  • Su-47 "Berkut"
Third-generation senjutsuki.

Senjutsuki equipment[]

  • 36mm chaingun
Basic senjutsuki equipment. Basically magazine-fed senjutsuki-sized machineguns.
There are two variants for different purposes; the short-barelled assault rifle for frontline troops, and the long-barelled sniper rifle for support units.
  • 120mm smoothbore cannon
Attachment weapon that complements the 36mm chainguns not unlike rifle-attached grenade launcher.
  • Type-74 Longsword
Long, curved blade that can be used with either one or both hands.
American senjutsuki apparently aren't equipped with any.
  • Type-65 Knife
Short knives that are stored in the senjutsuki's elbows, to serve as a weapon for emergency close-in defence.
  • S-11
A very powerful explosive, matching the payload of a tactical nuke.
Stored in senjutsuki's groinal area. Typically serves as a self-destruct device, but can also be used for sabotage missions by operating it via remote control after detaching it from senjutsuki's body.
American senjutsuki aren't equipped with the S-11 SDS, as America's tactics are centred around tactical bombardments with G-bombs.
The self-destruction system using the S-11 bombs are referred to as the S-11 self destruction system, S-11 SDS, or SDS.
  • Prototype 1200mm OTH(Over-the-horizon) Cannon
Not standard issue.
Prototype of an enormous cannon developed bombard targets beyond the horizon. Each bullet is around the size of a trailer.

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