Selective TV, Inc. is an over-the-air broadcasting company in Alexandria, Minnesota. It is notable for retransmitting several pay television channels for free over the air, one of only two known broadcasters to have such an arrangement (UHF-TV Inc. being the other), and the only one that relays more than one cable channel as of 2010.

Among Selective TV's offerings, in addition to local channels relayed from Minneapolis, include:

  • Channel 34 (K34AF): RFD-TV
  • Channel 47 (K47KZ): Discovery Channel
  • Channel 50 (K50DB): The Weather Channel (complete with Weather Star 4000 local forecasts)
  • Channel 51 (K51JY): Hallmark Channel
  • Channel 52 (K52DZ): History
  • Channel 55 (K55ID): Great American Country
  • Channel 57 (K57JX): MSNBC
  • Channel 62 (K62AU): C-SPAN
  • Channel 67 (K67HI): Outdoor Channel


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