Forgotten Realms Deity
Title(s) The Beautiful Moon
The Gracious
Selan of the Garden
Homeplane Unknown
Power Level Unknown (Great God)
Alignment N/A
Portfolio Beauty
Superior None

Selan is the fictional goddess of beauty in the Al-Qadim campaign setting, which is set within the Forgotten Realms. She is one of the eight Great Gods of Zakhara and stands for the beauty that lies in everything. Selan's symbol is a moon within a ring.

The goddess is described as a flawless maiden cloaked in white. Old tales link her with the moon, which is said to be her chariot. Like other Zakharan gods she is above such concerns as alignment, as beauty may be craved and valued by good and evil folk alike.

Selan's followers place much stock in appareances, but also value inner beauty. The try to treat everyone with care and to emphasize that which is positive in themselves and others. Many gardeners and artisans are among Selan's worshippers. The bulk of her priesthood consists of ethoists with a mainly traditional outlook. Her most important center of worship is the Great Mosque of the Moon in Medina al-Afyal.