Trade Wars Ship
Scout Marauder
Scout Marauder
Basic hold cost: 5,000
Main drive cost: 3,000
Computer cost: 5,200
Ship hull cost: 2,750
Ship base cost: 15,950
Maximum figs per attack: 250
Maximum holds: 25
Initial holds: 10
Maximum fighters: 250
Turns per warp: 2
Mine maximum: 0
Genesis maximum: 0
TransWarp drive: No
Transport range: 0
Maximum shields: 100
Offensive odds: 2.0
Defensive odds: 2.0
Beacon maximum: 10
Long-range scanner: Yes
Planet scanner: Yes
Photon missiles: No
Trading efficiency factor: 41
Safety rating: 500
Total cost: 27,785

The Scout Marauder is a speedy, inexpensive vessel in the fictional TradeWars 2002 universe. It has high combat odds (2.0) but lacks a transporter and can carry only a density scanner. In addition, it has a small cargo capacity (25 holds) and can carry only 250 fighters and 100 shields. It is too small to carry an escape pod, making it unsuitable for mothing quasar cannons. Many TW2002 veterans consider the Scout a flying deathtrap.

Still, the Scout Marauder may be well-suited to new players. Many opponents are reluctant to attack a Scout (especially a fully-armed one), since its salvage value is usually not worth the cost of the fighters needed to overcome its combat odds (not to mention the risk of corbomite explosions). In games where attack is not an imminent concern, a player may want to opt for the equally-fast but more efficient Merchant Freighter, which carries 2.6 times as many holds.

New players to TradeWars 2002 start out with a Merchant Cruiser, but if their ship and escape pod are destroyed, they will have to start again with a Scout Marauder. Players left in an escape pod without any credits can trade in the more valuable pod for a Scout Marauder.