Within the Eberron campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons, scorrow are half-drow, half-scorpion servants of Vulkoor, their primary known deity. They are conceptually related to the more traditional drider, but possess many key differences in attitude and social status.

The name[]

The term "scorrow" is a contraction of the term "scorpion" and "drow," much as "drider" combins "drow" and "spider." An official pronunciation has yet to be given; both score-ow and scor-oh are viable, depending on one's pronunciation of drow, which is a debate unto itself.

Physical description[]

Scorrow appear as large scorpions, except that where the head would be, they possess a drow's body from the waist up. Written descriptions and illustrations differ in that all identified illustrations show scorrow to possess both humanoid arms, on the torso, and scorpion claws, at the front of the lower body where the drow torso rises. This, however, contradicts the written description and in-game statistics, which states that they only have one or the other, always coming from the upper torso.

Conceptual history[]

Scorrow were theorized to exist in a number of early articles[1] and non-canon discussions but were not officially mentioned in published setting-specific materials until Player's Guide to Eberron,[2] which referred to them as "scorpionfolk," a similar monster from a previous out-of-setting monster book. An illustration for the front cover depicted a large scorpion-drow centauroid. Officially, however, they were given unique game statistics and a formal in-setting description in Secrets of Xen'drik.[3]


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