The Savage Wolves were a fictional gang in the Marvel Comics universe. Their only appearance was in X-Factor #11, December 1986. They were created by writers Walt Simonson and Louise Simonson.

Fictional team history[]

During the Mutant Massacre storyline, The Tunnelers (an offshoot of the sewer-dwelling mutants known as Morlocks) attempted to escape to safety. While still on the streets of New York however, they ran into three members of the Savage Wolf street gang. The gang members saw the refugee mutants, whom one gang member referred to (perhaps sarcastically) as "a pack of well-heeled yuppies takin' in the river air...or a pack of water rats". The armed gangsters attacked the Tunnelers, killing Blowhard. Berzerker killed two members, one of whom had managed to phone 911, and the third Savage Wolf was disfigured by Masque. The arrival of the police led to the shooting death of Scaleface and attracted the attention of X-Factor.

Only three members of this gang were seen, but they were described by news reporter Trish Tilby as a "notorious" gang.

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