Forgotten Realms country
The Savage Frontier
Capital none
Government City-states, tribes, clans
Ruler none
Population 560,000 (est.)
Races Humans, orcs, dwarves, half-elves, elves, half-orcs, halflings, gnomes

The Savage Frontier is a region in the fictional fantasy setting of the Forgotten Realms. It is situated west of the Silver Marches and east of the Sword Coast, where the cities of Neverwinter and Luskan lie.

Contrary to its name, much of the area is really not a savage frontier and it is quite civilized. In some Dungeons & Dragons modules, however, broader conflicts (such as those between Luskan and Waterdeep, the cities and the Zhentarim etc.) make the area a dangerous one.

The MMORPG Neverwinter Nights (AOL, 1991-1997) and the computer games Neverwinter Nights, Gateway to the Savage Frontier and Treasures of the Savage Frontier are all set in this region.

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