Dungeons & Dragons creature
Alignment Neutral Good
Type Humanoid
Source books Dragon#292, Monstrous Compendium Annual 3, Forgotten Realms 2 (MC11), Serpent Kingdoms
First appearance
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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the saurial is a reptilian humanoid. They resemble humanoid dinosaurs.

Saurials are usually neutral good in alignment. Their language is a combination of high-pitched sounds (outside the range of human hearing) and scents. Few other races are capable of speaking or understanding this language without magical aid, and most saurials are incapable of reproducing the common languages of other humanoid races, though they are intelligent enough to learn to understand them. One prominent saurial, Dragonbait, not only understands Common, but has learned the sign language known as "thieves' cant", allowing him to converse with non-saurials fluent in the cant.

There are four known species of saurial:

  • Bladebacks: Resembling a humanoid stegosaurus. Bladebacks are social, straightforward, and slow to anger, often becoming village leaders.
  • Finheads: Has a curving crest on its head; could be either a humanoid brachiosaurus, dilophosaurus, or corythosaurus. Finheads are bright, active, curious, and emotional creatures. They are good with their hands and willing to work hard.
  • Flyers: Resembling a humanoid pterosaur (very similar to the supposedly completely unrelated pterafolk). Flyers are nervous and noisy, irritable and often irritating to others. They are likely to flee from a fight if threatened. They love gossip spending time with people who will listen to them.
  • Hornheads: Somewhat halfway between a humanoid Triceratops and a euoplocephalus. Hornheads are careful, rational planners, choosing their words carefully and loathing the taking of risks. They have an interest in alchemy, engineering, and other mental pursuits. They are the largest of the saurials.

Saurials were introduced originally in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting in the Serpent Kingdoms supplement book, though it has oftened been said they would be equally at home in such a place as the Talenta Plains in Eberron. In the Forgotten Realms, Saurials dwell in the Dalelands, in a hidden place known as the Lost Vale. They are said to have hailed from another world (possibly earth), and were stranded in Faerûn via the actions of the evil deity Moander. More intelligent than lizardfolk and inclined to be peaceful and civilized, the saurials have maintained a thriving community in near-complete isolation for nearly fifteen years. Tales of these so-called dragonfolk (though they are actually dinosaur-like) pervade many cultures, but few humans have actually seen them.


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