This article is about the short film. For the romance novel, see Salvation, Texas (book). For the location in the Preacher comics, see Preacher (comic)#Trade summary.
Salvation, Texas
Directed by Mark Apicella
Produced by Jeffrey Allen
Mark Apicella
Andrea Damka
Written by Mark Apicella
Starring Alison Brie
Jilon Ghai
Mark Irvingsen
Sarah Lilly
Brian Keith Russell
Music by Dan Raziel
Cinematography Jason Goebel
Editing by Mark Apicella
Nicolas Delgado
Release date(s) March 23, 2008 (2008-03-23)
Running time 17 minutes
Country Flag of the United States United States
Language English

Salvation, Texas is an American 2008 short drama film written and directed by Mark Apicella.[1] Created as a graduate film project from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, it was screened as part of the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival,[2] the Monaco Charity Film Festival,[3] and the HHM Fest.[4]


A father seeks revenge on the man who harmed his daughter.


  • Alison Brie as Lisa Salter
  • Jilon Ghai as Brett Kern
  • Mark Irvingsen as Will Fennix
  • Sarah Lillyas Betty Salter
  • Brian Keith Russell as Ray Salter


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