Many fictional and legendary tales feature Sacred Jewels. This article summarizes a few of them, emphasizing those that do not seem to have a more specific proper name.

Popular culture[]

Seven Samurai 20XX (video game)[]

The Sacred jewel is a fictional artifact in the video game Seven Samurai 20XX. It allows the Child of Heaven (Hinata) to function as a power source within the Steeple of light, among various other functions. Her powers are somewhat restricted without it. It is heavily sought after by the Humanoids and Agents.

InuYasha (manga and anime)[]

The Jewel of Four Souls, also sometimes known as the Sacred Jewel, or the Sacred Jewel of the Four Souls (Shikon no Tama), is the main object sought after in InuYasha.

Early on the story Kagome breaks it into many pieces with her sacred arrow in order to avoid its theft. Most of the story of InuYasha (both the Anime and the Manga) involves competing factions (mostly those of InuYasha and Naraku) rescuing the resulting shards in order to fully recreate the Jewel of Four Souls and use its power of granting wishes.