Sacred Code
Directed by Jordan River
Written by Syria Lake, J.R.
Starring Maya Fracione
Rebecca Mulè
Adolfo Adamo
Music by Angelo Talocci
Cinematography Stefano Lombardo
Country UK/ITA/United States
Language English

Scro Codice (Sacred Code) is a Italian science fiction 3-D film directed by Jordan River.

Theatrical release expected sometime in 2012.


Beneath the stars the waters were no longer clear and the paths no longer reached the sky, the map of destiny had already been redrawn by our own shattered lives but memory and experience instead changed the paths of destiny

A monster-angel from another time and place touches the water of a lake and sees our planet devastated by powerful cataclysms. The mission of this creature named Lùghin is not to destroy human life, but to save it by helping two young children, Nath and Christin, who have been separated by the forces of evil. After 33 years, Nath and Christin meet again, but the forces of Darkness arrive and cause Christin to enter the Land of Eternity, a shadowy world where the night has a different meaning and where everything that was lost can be found again. Christin can only save herself and come back to life if she learns to free herself of inner obstacles. There are seven doors, seven obstacles, and seven knots to be unraveled...


When the world is deprived of love, evil has its dominion

Christin meets young Nath at the age of seven, but the two friends are immediately separated. With brutality, with the darkness of evil. By evil itself. Like a lightning bolt that strikes its target. When Christin reaches the age of 33, she meets the center of her life: a man, ancient and profound. It is Nath: now his memory reawakens, but the abysses and eternity reach her immediately. A battle against time, against destiny, against death itself to find the other half of her heart, like the other missing half of the book, which can only be rewritten if Christin overcomes death through love, the sacred love that alone can give her back eternity and her Nath. A broken world, devoid of love; a new universal model of feelings that have effect and meaning even after and beyond death. True love, eternal love, cannot end forever in just one lifetime.

Dron is the darkest evil that lurks within all of us, so dark as to be unrecognizable as a being. The false ego of humans that becomes entity. Dron strikes from behind, deviating from the truth. From a faceless monk, he changes nature and becomes a serpent that slithers along the path to the the temple. Only if the enormous dragon is defeated will his true face be revealed: that of he who succeeded in slaying it. Sooner or later we all meet our Dron, but only when we have defeated it will we see our own true selves.

Lùghin: fantastic character created entirely on the computer with pointed ears that touch the stars, with the eyes of an angel and a rough, dark skin that adheres to the earth and its vital breath. God who no longer assumes human form, but whose presence has extra-ordinary features. He is nature, offering to become the body of the divine. His anger becomes more tangible to defend love.

The Lake Fairy: The ethereal breath of nature that speaks, like an echo in the air, to sleeping hearts. Her voice, commingling with the voices in the air and touching the chakras of the spirit, becomes magic for the souls that sense its subtle vibrations. Ethereal companion of souls, she guides them across the ‘bridge’ that separates dream from waking, death from life...

The Lord of Water: He is the word that becomes wisdom and guidance. He is the sign of time transfigured into human form. Between sky (Lùghin) and Earth (Dron), The Lord of Water reveals himself to Christin to announce the true path.

The Lord of Fight: At the gate of the Temple, one finds a guardian who prepares souls arriving there. He is a guru, he knows the secrets of combat, the spirituality of the gesture and the control of the emotions. He reveals the techniques, attitudes and formulas of the thought required to beat Dron.

Nihil: The departed, the no-return. Beyond him is nothingness: there is no memory of having existed before.. that which no longer resides in the memory is as if it had never happened.

The Sacred Symbols[]

The Bristling of Eternity: The adimensional realm. The passage that all souls reach.

The Chalice of Water: The cup that anticipates the demon of the soul and encompasses the experiences of mysticism.

Arcane symbols: The imprint in the rock with various symbols hidden on the stone. The symbols (such as a mandala of universal essence) are archetypes that appear in the stone only to those who are pure of heart.

The Seven Doors: Seven passageways, each of a different element, which compose the principles of the earth, sky and universe. The journey of existence in the form of seven passageways-keys.

The Ancient Book: An extremely ancient sacred text, never written down but rather conserved in the memory of the prophets and today revealed to bright souls as light. A sacred codex which, after having shown the demon of the soul, reveals new secrets of existence.

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