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This article provides a list of fictional characters from the Resident Evil video game series who are members of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.). These characters form part of the cast of the original Resident Evil, with the members of Bravo Team reappearing in the prequel Resident Evil Zero.

Alpha Team

Chris Redfield

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Jill Valentine

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Albert Wesker

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Barry Burton

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Barry Burton appears as the primary supporting character in Jill's story in the original Resident Evil. He only appears in Chris' story during the opening cut-scene and is not seen afterwards. He is a SWAT team veteran who serves as Alpha Team's back-up man and weapons specialist and is characterized for his fascination with firearms, being a member of the NRA. During the course of the game, he is being blackmailed by Albert Wesker to do his bidding, leading him to commit some suspicious actions. Depending on the player's choice, he either: gets killed by a monster, leaving behind a photograph of his family; or survives and assists Jill during the final act of the game.

He survives and is mentioned in subsequent games. He makes a cameo in one of the alternate endings of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, where he helps Jill and Carlos escape from Raccoon City before its destruction and has a starring role in the non-canonical Resident Evil Gaiden.

Joseph Frost

Joseph Frost is in charge of weapons and vehicle maintenance. He is described as being one of the most cheerful members of the team, but has a tendency of getting carried away during dangerous situations. In his sole appearance in Resident Evil, he finds the remains of Bravo Team's pilot and is then attacked and killed by a pack of zombie dogs. According to the manual of the original Resident Evil, he was a member of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team before being promoted to Alpha.

In the live-action intro of Resident Evil, he was portrayed by an unknown actor credited as "Jason".

Brad Vickers

Brad Vickers is in charge of rear security, along with Jill Valentine, and serves as the team's helicopter pilot and also handles chemical protection duties.[1] He is described as getting nervous during dangerous situations and running away at the first sight of trouble, earning him the nickname "Chickenheart".

In Resident Evil he abandons his comrades in the middle of Arklay Forest after the death of Joseph Frost. Afterwards he attempts to re-establish contact with his colleagues while flying around the Arklay Mountains. He aids the player during the final battle by providing the rocket launcher needed to destroy the Tyrant and then rescues the survivors.

In Resident Evil 2 he appears as a zombie that can be found wandering outside the Raccoon Police Department precinct.

The events that led to his transformation into a zombie are covered in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, in which he is one of the S.T.A.R.S. members targeted by the Nemesis, Umbrella's new B.O.W. He warns Jill of the creature's presence in the city before being killed by the Nemesis at the front gates of the police precinct. The Nintendo 64 version of Resident Evil 2 features an exclusive document in which Brad describes an encounter with the Nemesis.

In S. D. Perry's novilizations he is believed to have left the city after the mansion incident. Jill is surprised to see that he is still in the city when she encounters him running into a bar and fighting off a zombie RPD officer. Just like in the game, he is killed off by the Nemesis shortly after Jill arrives at the police station.

Bravo Team

Rebecca Chambers

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Richard Aiken

Richard Aiken appears in Resident Evil, Resident Evil Zero, and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.[2]

In the original Resident Evil, Richard is suffering from a wound sustained during a battle with Yawn, a giant snake with venomous fangs, and dies despite the player's help retrieving the serum. In Chris' portion of the game, the player can find a wounded Richard being tended by Rebecca provided the player hasn't already encountered Rebecca before; otherwise he will already be dead.

In the GameCube remake, his life can be prolonged if the serum is delivered on time. He is killed off at a later point of the game: in Jill's scenario, Richard helps her during the initial encounter with Yawn, only to be swallowed by the creature in her place; as Chris, the player encounters Richard again in a flooded Aqua Ring, where he saves Chris when Neptune, a mutated shark, surfaces to attack.

Richard makes an appearance in Resident Evil Zero along with the other members of Bravo Team. He also appears in the "Nightmare" chapter of Umbrella Chronicles as a non-player character. In "Nightmare" he accompanies Rebecca as her support as the pair investigate the Arklay Research Facility. The two of them were the only ones to witness Sergei Vladimir exiting the mansion with the Talos prototype. Ultimately, the two Bravo Team members were attacked by Yawn, and chased through the mansion until they were forced to make a stand in the library. There Richard saved Rebecca's life, but was wounded in the process. Files in Umbrella Chronicles flesh out Richard's character further, and it is revealed that he has a sweetheart named Bridgette, and that he joined S.T.A.R.S. in order to come to terms with a traumatic childhood experience when his baby sister was murdered in front of him.[3] In The Umbrella Chronicles, he is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.

Edward Dewey

Edward Dewey is responsible for rear security along with Rebecca Chambers.[4] While he is Bravo Team's primary pilot, that position is taken by Kevin Dooley during the events of the games, while Edward serves as co-pilot.

Despite being a pilot, Edward is regarded as a good sniper, as can be seen in Resident Evil Zero where he appears with his sniper rifle. He tends to look after the team younger members like Rebecca and is also the team's mechanic in conjunction with the Vehicle Specialist, Forest Speyer.

Edward Dewey's name and his position in S.T.A.R.S. was listed in the English language manual of the original Resident Evil for the PlayStation and other source materials, but was the only S.T.A.R.S. member never to appear in the game. It was originally inferred that the disembodied hand found by Joseph in the opening cut scene was Edward's, but a retcon in the GameCube version established that the remains found by Joseph were actually Kevin Dooley's, a previously unmentioned character.

Edward makes his only on-screen appearance in the prequel Resident Evil Zero, where he has a prominent role early in the game. While searching for an escaped fugitive (Billy Coen), he is fatally wounded by zombie dogs in the forest and finds his way into the nearby train, the Ecliptic Express, where he warns Rebecca that there are "zombies and monsters" in the forest, before dying in front of her. He is later encountered as a zombie.

Edward Dewey's surname comes from an unused character proposed for the original Resident Evil, named Dewey. In contrast to Edward, who is a tall and muscular white man, the original Dewey was a thin black man modeled after Eddie Murphy who was designed to serve as the game's comic relief.[5]

Enrico Marini

Enrico Marini is Bravo Team's mission leader and second in command of S.T.A.R.S.[6] He is a veteran soldier and skilled in various survival techniques. He plays a supporting role in both Resident Evil and its prequel, Resident Evil Zero.

In Resident Evil, the player finds a wounded Enrico in the underground tunnels. Enrico reveals the existence of a traitor within the S.T.A.R.S., but before he can share his knowledge with the player, he is shot and killed by an unseen assailant which is later revealed to be either Albert Wesker or Barry Burton depending on which character is being played and decisions taken by the player.[7] Enrico discovers that a member of the S.T.A.R.S. is a traitor, but is only able to ascertain that the member responsible is either Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, or Barry Burton. Upon meeting Jill Valentine, Enrico informs her of the situation before being shot dead. In Chris Redfield's scenario, Enrico holds Chris at gunpoint, leading Chris to think that Enrico believes him to be the traitor, but then Enrico is shot dead by the real traitor who is behind Chris, revealing that Enrico was pointing his gun at the traitor and not Chris.

Enrico's role is expanded in Resident Evil Zero, in which he and Bravo Team are sent to the Arklay Mountains to investigate a series of homicides in the region one day prior to the events of the first game. His surveillance of the area leads to the wreckage of a military police van, along with the mangled corpses of two officers and a document identifying a prisoner, Billy Coen. Enrico deduces that Coen is responsible for the deaths of the officers and leads a manhunt against the escaped convict. Throughout the game he communicates with protagonist Rebecca Chambers via the radio, and catches up with her in an underground Umbrella laboratory. Due to Bravo Team's separation, he orders his team to rendezvous at a mansion, leading to the events in Resident Evil.

Forest Speyer

Forest Speyer is in charge of vehicle and weapons maintenance.[8] He is described as being a perfectionist, and well-regarded by his teammates due to his professionalism. He also has a close friendship and rivalry with Alpha Team member Chris Redfield, as they are both professional marksmen.

In Resident Evil he is found on the terrace of the mansion, pecked to death by T-virus infected crows. In Resident Evil: Director's Cut, a scene was added in which Forest revives and attacks the player. This zombie version was brought back in the GameCube remake of the game, as well as in Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, an enhanced Nintendo DS port. An additional game mode can be also be unlocked in GameCube remake in which the zombified Forest, wearing a bandolier of grenades, appears randomly in certain rooms - attacking him with any weapon, including the knife, will result in a massive explosion, killing Forest and the player instantly.

Forrest makes a cameo in the prequel, Resident Evil Zero. Forest also makes a cameo in Umbrella Chronicles as a zombie.

Kenneth J. Sullivan

Kenneth J. Sullivan is Bravo Team's point man and in charge of scouting and reconnaissance.[9] He is also an accomplished chemist, handling chemical protection duties. According to the English language manual of the first game, Kenneth found it odd that he was chosen by Wesker to be part of the elite force.

He is the first casualty of Bravo Team discovered by the player in the original Resident Evil. After Alpha Team's arrival at the mansion, the player is sent to investigate the sound of a gunshot, leading the player to discover Kenneth being devoured by a zombie. In the GameCube remake, the player can retrieve a video recording of Kenneth's final moments before being devoured, which they play at a later point of the game. His death also deviates slightly in the GameCube remake; whereas the original game depicts Kenneth being beheaded by the first zombie, the GameCube version and Resident Evil:Umbrella Chronicles simply show his throat being ripped out. As with all members of Bravo Team, he makes a cameo appearance in Resident Evil Zero.

In the novelization Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy by S. D. Perry, the severed hand found by Alpha Team is Kenneth's, who lost his hand on his way to the mansion before being killed by a zombie. The novelization was published before the release of the GameCube version of Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero.

Kevin Dooley

Kevin Dooley is an RPD officer who serves as Bravo Team's helicopter pilot. He is only named in the Nintendo GameCube remake of the original Resident Evil. In the events that transpired during Resident Evil Zero he is forced to land in Raccoon Forest after the team's helicopter suffers an engine failure. He remains with the helicopter while Bravo Team investigates the area. During his waiting for the team's return, he is attacked and mauled to death by the cerberus zombie dogs. His mutilated remains are later found by Joseph Frost of Alpha Team during the opening sequence of Resident Evil.

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