Ryuunosuke Fujinami
Urusei Yatsura character
Ryuunosuke after a fight
Created by Rumiko Takahashi
Voiced by Mayumi Tanaka (Japanese)
Kaitlyn Walker (English)
Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives Mr. Fujinami, father

Ryuunosuke Fujinami (藤波竜之介 Fujinami Ryūnosuke?) is a character in Rumiko Takahashi's manga and anime series Urusei Yatsura. Her name comes from professional wrestler Tatsumi Fujinami.


A transfer student at Tomobiki High School, Class 2-4. She is a girl, but because her father says the successor to the Hamachaya (浜茶屋 Seaside Teahouse?) must be a man, he raises Ryuunosuke as a boy and insists that she is one. Because her eccentric father has raised her as a boy in order to run the Hamachaya, she behaves a lot like one and is quite violent. However, since she is in fact a girl, she hates being treated like a boy. She would love nothing more than to let her feminine side show, but her father interferes in every attempt she makes. Her first love was her elementary school teacher, whom she later realizes was a woman. Only Ataru Moroboshi truly treats her like a woman, but she handles it the same way most girls handle Ataru: with a hard left hook, not that it ever stops him.

Ryuunosuke and her father are frequently fighting. This is not because they are training in a martial arts style or because they enjoy it, but simply because they have grown accustomed to fighting one another over the years. She is at heart a kind and honest person and wishes no harm on anyone other than her father. But because of the warped manner in which her father raised her, she is a bit naive and can be suckered into or convinced of pretty much anything. In order to earn money to rebuild the Hamachaya, she and her father have moved into the Tomobiki school store. They still fight all the time, mainly because of her father's insistence that she is his son. This usually leads her to shout I'm a chick dammit! (おれは女だ!, Ore wa onna da!?) and throw him through the nearest wall, for massive damage.

She refers to her self in the first person as ore (おれ?), which is typically used by guys, instead of atashi (あたし?), which is typically used by girls. This further emphasizes her manliness and increases her attractiveness to girls. Because she dresses and talks in such a masculine manner, girls who first meet her believe her to be an extremely attractive guy. She has a huge following among the girls at Tomobiki High, which persists even after they learn that she is actually female, something that greatly unnerves her. So does the fact that she receives more chocolate on Valentine's Day than even Mendo.

It is often believed that Ryuunosuke inspired Takahashi's later work Ranma ½. Also, the character Ryuuko Fujinami from Takahashi's short story Sengoku Student Council seems to be a prototype of her.


When Ryuunosuke first appears, she and her father are shouting at the sea, blaming it for the fact that the Hamachaya receives no cutomers except during the summer. They fight so much that they accidentally destroy the Hamachaya, so they move into and operate the Tomobiki school store in order to raise money to rebuild it.

She is usually wearing a gakuran and sarashi. Wanting nothing more than to be more feminine, she is saving up some money in order to buy a bra and sailor suit.

Her father enrolls her in Tomobiki as a boy and refuses to sell her a sailor suit. He has promised to give her a sailor suit if she can beat him in a fight, but so far she has not been able to. At one point, a local gang promised to buy her a bra if she posed as Shinobu's boyfriend in order to scare away their leader Soban. But as usual Ataru interfered, in part because he had a bra of his own for her. Ryuunosuke's father also got in the way, eventually burning Ataru's bra as a gift for his late wife Masako.

Other Voice Actors[]


  • Morgan Jarrett (movies 3 and 5 dubs)
  • Jamie Phelps (movie 6 dub)
  • Kimberli Wayman (movie 2 dub)

Latin American

  • Diana Perez

Castilian Spanish

  • Pilar Dominguez


  • Gabriella Andreini (first Italian)
  • Renata Biserni (second Italian)
  • Gilberta Crispino (third Italian))

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