Rude Kid is an occasional character in the British adult comic Viz. He invariably appears in a one-frame cartoon along with his mother. Both are crudely drawn; Rude Kid angry and shouting, while his mother has a wide and slightly sinister grin.

The joke consists of Rude Kid's mother making a suggestion or asking a question, and Rude Kid replying with an expletive, sometimes one of his own invention. Examples include:

(Rude Kid's mother) "Come to the shops, dear"

(Rude Kid) "Fuck off!"

(Rude Kid's mother) "What would you like for Christmas, dear?"

(Rude Kid) "A turd on a string!"

(Rude Kid's mother) "What would you like in your sandwiches, dear?"

(Rude Kid) "Granny's pubes you whore!"

Other retorts include "Big dog's cock", "Big fat elephant's fanny" and "Piss up a rope, fuckstick".

The character gave his name to Viz founder Chris Donald's autobiography, "Rude Kids".