Rowley Jefferson
First appearance Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Last appearance Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5
Created by Jeff Kinney
Alias Kid
Species Human
Gender Male

Rowley Jefferson is one of the main characters of the realistic fiction book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid created by American cartoonist Jeff Kinney. In the movie, he is portrayed by Robert Capron.[1][2]


Rowley is Greg's best friend.[3] He has overprotective parents who dislike Greg. Rowley is foolish and naive as he usually listens to Greg while he is concocting a scheme. He is an only child and, according to Greg, a "vain fool." Rowley gets a lot of attention from the girls in his grade only because he is "cute" in a little kid way, according to Holly Hills. He was falsely accused of chasing kindergartners with a worm on a stick, which was actually Greg wearing Rowley's coat. He then told on Greg to the principal and Greg lost his duty on safety patrol. He did not forgive Greg when he apoligized, so they weren't friends for a while, but they quickly got over it. Rowley was briefy the cartoonist of the school newspaper comic, "Zoo-Wee Mama!". Rowley also received the honor for being class clown. He had also eaten a piece of moldy cheese after being forced by some teenagers in book 1. In book 3, Rowley earns the nickname "Slick" only because he was shooed away from a locker another student sarcastically saying "step away from my locker, Slick". He also is shown to have strange interests, such as childish birthday parties, childish toys and a fan of 'Joshie', who Greg believes are for six-year old girls. He also loves to visit newer countries, and imitates the culture of the countries he visits.


Rowley is a bit overweight and is shown wearing a white T-shirt and black shorts. In the winter, he is shown wearing a hat, ear muffs, a scarf, and a coat. In the movie, he wears a sweater vest. His mouth is open all the time in the books; the only times his mouth isn't agape is when it's in the shape of an O (twice in the first book and once in the fourth book), but he is never shown with his mouth closed. In the movie he is played by Robert Capron. According to fans, Robert Capron didn't exactly come to mind when we thought of Rowley, but he fits the role as Greg's dimwitted sidekick and best friend.

Relationship with Greg[]

Rowley, being Greg's best friend, hangs out with Greg a lot and often goes around in Rodrick's "junk drawer" with him to look for horror movies and through Rodrick's personal belongings. Although Rowley is treated poorly for Greg's own desires at the beginnig of the series, it is clear in book 4 that he is losing patience with Greg. Rowley is not very manly and this is starting to get on Greg's nerves. They are both getting on each other's nerves a lot, and they are starting to drift apart, and an upcoming fifth book will decide if they will be friends anymore, and fans are deeply hoping that they will be friends, as, according to one comment sent to Jeff Kinney, "Without Rowley, there's no Greg". They might not see each other anymore since the title for the fifth book is We're Moving, but Rowley is one of the main characters, so the Jeffersons might find a way for them to get back together.

Relationship with Father[]

Rowley has a tight relationship with his father according to book 4. They enjoy playing tennis and, according to Greg, their relationship is a bit too tight, stating that even though him and his father (Frank) don't hang out a lot, he knows what it's like to hang out a lot more. (using Rowley and Mr. Jefferson as an example).

Relationship with Mother[]

Rowley has an extremely over protective mother. She always babies him, like Susan does to Manny. Also, much to Greg's disgust, she always puts spinach in the brownies that she makes. Rowley's mother used to love having Greg over, but she is starting to get sick of him.

Relationship with Rodrick[]

Rowley does not interact with Rodrick that much, however, in book 2, Rodrick gave him and Greg drum lessons because Susan told him to, but it didn't last long because Rodrick found it hard to teach them and he had to talk to his friend Ward, and he told them that their homework was to listen to music with drums in it.

Relationship with Manny[]

Rowley does not interact with Manny, but they do share one thing in commen: their parents are extremely protective around them and they always get what they want for Christmas and their birthday (even though Manny is not shown having a birthday party yet). Also, in book 2 when Rowley was coming over to Greg's house for a sleepover, Greg's mom (Susan) sent Manny down to make sure they didn't do anything bad. During that time, Manny snuck into Rowley's sleeping bag and scared the living daylights out of him.

Relationship with Greg's parents[]

Rowley's relationship with Greg's parents is very mixed up. While they both think Rowley is dimwitted, they both think of him differently; Frank does not really like him because he thinks that he's accident prone because he broke a plate one time, while Susan is very protective of Rowley, thinking he's "fragile" (i.e. she sent him right home from a sleepover when he hurt his big toe).