Two and a Half Men character
First appearance "Pilot"
Created by Chuck Lorre
Portrayed by Melanie Lynskey
Nickname Crazy bitch,
Crazy stalker
Gender Female
Occupation stalker
Family Harvey (father), Unnamed (mother), Unnamed (brother), Unnamed (sister)
Religion Christian
Nationality American

Rose is a fictional character from the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. She is portrayed by actress Melanie Lynskey, and was character was created by writer Chuck Lorre.


Lynskey left Two and a Half Men for a role on the Fox television series Drive. She said "I'm finished over there, I guess. I was sort of looking to do something different, and I read this script, and I really thought it was amazing. And I had such a great situation on 'Two-and-a-Half Men,' so I wouldn't have left it for any old thing. It was kind of a different job, but this, I couldn't pass it up."[1] After Drive was cancelled, she was brought back onto the show.[2]


Rose is Charlie Harper's ex-neighbor, and stalker. Rose met Charlie in a bar, and they both got drunk and she became one of Charlie`s one-night stands. She fell in love with him and started to stalk him by doing weird things like super glueing his testicles to his buttocks, breaking into the house, taking things from the fridge, geting naked and chaining herself to the fridge and sitting on the laundery basket naked.

She soon became friends with Charlie, Alan and Jake. Rose is in love with Charlie but it is not reciprocated by Charlie. Once she made a page called Charlie Harper Sucks, that was used by all the women that Charlie had one-night stands with. Rose closed the page when Charlie said that he was sorry for making her one of his one-night stands.

Rose leaves Malibu to go to England for a job that she took because she said her love with Charlie was not going anywhere. She returned when she was sent away from London, and resumed stalking Charlie.


Commenting on the difference between playing Rose and other roles that Lynskey is in, Rebecca Barry of the The New Zealand Herald said "Indeed, Rose might seem like a walk in the park to play compared with some of her other roles - channelling lesbian killer instincts can't have been easy".[3]


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