Roger Hammond
First appearance Crossroads
Last appearance One Man's Terrorist
Created by Stephen Chbosky
Portrayed by Christopher Wiehl
Gender male
Occupation Banker
Family Emily Sullivan (fiancée)

Roger Hammond is a character on the American post-apocalyptic drama Jericho. He is played by Christopher Wiehl.

Roger is a banker from Chicago who was engaged to Emily before the bombs. The wedding was set on the same day the events in "Crossroads" occur. Roger has been trying to convince Emily to move to Chicago with him even though she is attached to Jericho and doesn't want to leave. Emily is upset to learn that Roger is leaving for Chicago to look into a job offer and gives him an ultimatum. If he takes the job he has no reason to come home. Roger has a change of heart and jumps on a plane back to Kansas as soon as he arrived in Chicago. On the flight back, the bombs go off and the plane makes an emergency landing in a Nebraska field. (The Day Before episode) From there Roger wanders until he sees a mysterious green light, the light he says, led him to refugee camp. (Black Jack episode)

A couple of months after the bombs Roger returns to Jericho with 50 other refugees. (Vox Populi episode) Roger reveals the existence of Black Jack Fairground, a trading post run by survivors. (Black Jack episode) Since his return his relationship with Emily has gone sour and spends most of the time with the refugees he formed strong relationships with and encouraged to keep moving. He defends them when Gray Anderson considers throwing them out of town. Finally Gray decides that the refugees must go because the town no longer has the resources to take care of them. When the refugees rebel against this decision, Roger tries to plead for an extension until winter was over. When Gray still refuses Roger puts a gun to him. The two end up in a struggle where Gray is shot. Roger refuses to get him medical treatment unless he agrees to let the refugees stay. The standoff ends when townspeople volunteer to take in the refugees. Roger is exiled from Jericho and leaves for New Bern. (One Man's Terrorist episode)