Roberta Tubbs
The Cleveland Show character
File:Roberta Tubbs.png
First appearance Pilot
Portrayed by Nia Long (2009-2010)
Reagan Gomez-Preston (2010-present)
Gender Female
Family Donna Tubbs (mother)
Robert Tubbs (father)
Cleveland Brown (step-father)
Rallo Tubbs (brother)
Cleveland Brown, Jr. (step-brother)
Nationality United States African American

Roberta Coretta Tubbs is a character on the animated sitcom, The Cleveland Show. She is the biological daughter of Donna Tubbs and Donna's ex-husband, Robert, whom she is likely named after. She is the older sister to Rallo and her step-brother Cleveland Jr.. Her step-dad is Cleveland Brown. Roberta is a main character on the animated sitcom The Cleveland Show.[1]

Roberta was voiced by Nia Long for the first 13 episodes,[2][3] since then she has been voiced by Reagan Gomez-Preston.[4][5]


Despite the fact that she comes from a broken home and having a neglectful father, Roberta appears to be rather well-adjusted, despite not having an active male presence in her life. She instead looks up to Tyra Banks, hoping to one day become her co-hostess. One episode had her donning a fat suit like Tyra had done.[6] A relatively popular girl in school, Roberta is often tying up the phonelines (both house and cellular) as well as the internet social websites (such as Twitter and Facebook), with calls from her many friends. She has been dating a less than respectable boy by the name of Federline Jones,[7] who Donna does not much approve of, but who Cleveland has managed to bully into submission. She seems to be in love with Federline Jones and is supportive of him becoming a rapper.

Neither Roberta nor her brother Rallo Tubbs are initially pleased with the arrival of Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. though both appear to accept their mother marrying Cleveland without much issue. In fact, Roberta and Cleveland seem to fall into a rather stereotypical father/daughter relationship, with Roberta being embarrassed by her step-father's behavior and attending the father/daughter dance at her school.

Roberta seems to have a normal love/hate relationship with her brother Rallo. In the first episode, Roberta neglects her toddler brother, so as to go out with her friends. Upon returning home, she attempts to cover for herself with an elaborate story that of course, her mother does not buy for a instant. However, she seems able to share plenty of witty dialogue with her brother, apparently seeing him as something of an intellectual equal, despite his age. Roberta's relationship with Cleveland Jr. meanwhile has shown promise of being a decently caring one at this point, despite a shaky beginning. Initially both Roberta and Rallo are disturbed by how clean and attentive Cleveland Jr. is in regards to Donna's parental requests. Initially annoyed at him making them look bad, they become sympathetic when they realize that he never accepted his parent's divorce, and has been doing all he can to avoid giving into his sorrow. Together Rallo and Roberta do all they can to help Cleveland Jr. let his feelings out and at the same time, they accept him as their brother. She can also talk like Robert. Roberta seems to have an archrival, Lacey Stapleton.

She tries to be a Big Star, in one ep she snuck into a limo along with Cleveland Junior and Rallo to be part of Mad Tv with her show being "Roberta Rules." but was actually on a prank show, that no one watched and in "Cleveland Angels." when Cleveland and Donna got her college money she said she ain't going to college, she going to Hollywood.


  • In "Birth of a Salesman", Roberta and Rallo are sick of Cleveland Jr.'s cleaning habits and soon figure out that it is because of his parents divorce and begin (soon after this incident) trying to help him let out his emotions.
  • Originally, Nia Long was the voice of Roberta, and her tracks were kept in the episodes she recorded. She was later replaced by Reagan Gomez, similar to how on Family Guy, Mila Kunis replaced Lacey Chabert as the voice of Meg.
  • Roberta has appeared in every episode except "Field of Streams" and "Our Gang".
  • Roberta is one of the people in the Brown's house to have both a Facebook and Twitter page, her and Cleveland Jr.


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