Robert Hunter
Portrayed by Jason Smith
First appearance November 25, 2003
Episode #3647
Last appearance October 10, 2006
Episode #4292
Cause/reason Moved to America with his wife Tash and daughter Ella
Gender Male
Residence USA,Boston

Robert "Robbie" Hunter was a fictional character on the Australian television soap opera series Home and Away. The character was played by actor Jason Smith.

Character's background[]

Robbie arrived in late 2003 in episode 3647 in a guest role and became a regular at the beginning of the 2004 season. As the middle child of the Hunter clan, he was quite eccentric and odd, always trying to come up with new and crazy inventions (all of which rarely got off the drawing board and when they did, never worked as planned!) and making out of place comments to the Sutherland clan. His intentions are usually good, but they almost always end up in disaster. Robbie was also a bit of a klutz. For example, when Tasha Andrews went missing, Robbie had designed an invention to catch her, but only ended up catching himself. And when he escaped, he was bitten by a snake. But after Tasha found him and went to get help, they became friends, and eventually lovers. In 2005, Robbie "married" Tasha, and they got their own place and allowed Amanda Vale, their school teacher and at that time Robbie's brother Scott's girlfriend, to stay with them. However, when Amanda faked a pregnancy to get Scott back, Robbie kicked her out. Amanda, depressed and lonely, found comfort in Graham Walters, Robbie's and Scott's grandfather. When finding out that he was rich, Amanda married Graham much to the dismay of the Hunter family. Robbie did not get on well with his new step-grandmother, particularly when Graham bought Robbie's flat and then he and Amanda moved in, telling Robbie and Tash they would have to leave.

During this period, Tasha became involved with a Sydney-based cult called the Believers, which had a compound near Summer Bay. With the help of his best friends Jack Holden and Martha Mackenzie Robbie found out about all the horrible things the Believers were doing and tried to reason with Tasha but she wouldn't listen.

Finally Tasha came to her senses and after many struggles Tasha and Robbie were reunited. Around this time, Graham suffered a heart attack and went into a coma. Pitying his grandfather, who was in a coma, Robbie switched off Graham's life-support machine even though Amanda legally had the right to keep it on, being his wife. He did not tell anyone about his actions except for Tasha.

Robbie and Tasha soon got married for real, but the night was marred when Tasha was revealed to be pregnant. She believed the father to be the cult leader Mama Rose's son Jonah, as his mother's motive for keeping her there was to have Jonah impregnate her and produce a Chosen One. Robbie blamed Mayor Josh West for this because he had failed to close down the cult as he was taking bribes from them. When Josh was murdered, Robbie, alongside his wife Tasha, mother Beth and step-grandmother Amanda, all became suspects in his murder. After Tasha confessed to him and tried but failed to remove the evidence against her, Robbie turned himself in. He retracted it after Tasha refused to let him go down for a crime he had committed. It soon came out that neither of them had fired the fatal shot.

Although Robbie believed the child Tasha was carrying was not his biological child, he loved it and considered it his own. Robbie was eager to become a father so when Tasha gave birth to the baby girl he was thrilled. When deciding upon a name Robbie remarked that from an early age he always said if he had a daughter he would name her Ella, after a character in his favourite book. Robbie immediately fell in love with Ella, though Tasha had difficulties adapting to becoming a mother. When Tasha freaked out when Ella wouldn't stop crying one day Robbie returned home to find Ella missing. When they finally found Ella Tasha finally realized how much she loved her baby girl, but it took Robbie months to trust Tasha alone with Ella. Robbie, who considers Ella his own, is very content with his two girls.

In late 2006, after a confession to close friend Martha Holden, Robbie was arrested and charged with his grandfather Graham Walters' death. Robbie was found guilty, but was given a suspended sentence and released. Following this, Robbie, Tasha and their daughter Ella left to live with Tasha's cousin Josie Russell in America. Are they coming back?

It was revealed in September 2007 that Jonah was not Ella's father after all, as he is sterile. Unless another of the Believers was responsible, it can only be assumed that Robbie is Ella's father.

His wife Tasha Hunter is supposed to return to the Bay in 2008, but it's not confirmed if Robbie will accompany her, or not.