Riley Stavros
Degrassi: The Next Generation character
Riley Stavros portrayed by Argiris Karras
First appearance Uptown Girl, Part 1 (D:TNG episode)
Portrayed by Argiris Karras
Occupation Student, Degrassi Community School
Family Mr. Stavros (father)
Mrs. Stavros (mother)
Nationality Canadian

Riley Stavros is a fictional character in the Canadian television drama Degrassi: The Next Generation. He first appeared in Season 8's opening episode Uptown Girl, Pt 1. He is portrayed by Argiris Karras.

Season 8[]

Is first seen in the opener alongside Holly J.. He stopped the fight between Derek and Jane from escalating out of control, and supported Jane when she stood up for her right to play on the football team.[1]

In Man With Two Hearts he gained a friend through Peter and after spending some time together kissed him unexpectedly and quickly ran away from the situation. Peter supported him and wanted to remain his friend even after Riley pushed him and called him a fag in front of their friends. The two quickly came to an understanding and remained good friends.[2]

It was revealed in Bad Medicine that Riley was taking steroids to increase his power and performance in football. Peter confronts him about it, and about the unexpected kiss. Riley tells him it was a crazy mistake. But, he was seen setting up a secret gay hook-up with one of his old friends from camp in the forest. When Anya walks by, he suspiciously shuts the laptop, and runs after Anya, asking her out for a date. She accepts, and Riley attempts to keep his sexuality hidden. But he goes to the ravine where he sees his old camp friend, who he was attempting to hook up with.[3]

Afraid, Riley runs off, and is driven to take more steroids. They make him extremely paranoid, which is shown in English class when he throws an eraser at Peter's head, thinking that he was laughing at him. He is sent to the principal's office. Later, Peter confronts him and tells him the dangerous effects the steroids are having on him. Riley blows him off and goes on a picnic with Anya. They talk, and Riley leans in for a kiss. The kiss is awkward, and Riley tells her he has to be somewhere in a half hour. Then they pack up the picnic and leave.

After, Riley goes to the ravine again, for a run where he sees his online friend again. His friend begins to flirt with him, and Riley seems to be enjoying it. Riley is scared, but his friend tells him to relax and that he was nervous his first time with a guy as well. Riley gives in, and his friend performs fellatio on him or better know as oral sex in the ravine.

Later, Anya talks to Riley and tells him that the kiss did not feel right, and that she still had feelings for Sav, Riley is relieved. She feels guilty, and Riley tells her he is comfortable with the idea of the two being friends. Sav still looks jealous, and later, Riley gets a text from his online friend, and Sav thinks it is from Anya. Sav begins to bother Riley, and Riley headbutts him and begins to assault him in a steroid-fueled rage. He gets suspended which causes Riley to see how bad he was getting. He admits to Peter he does not want to live in denial anymore if it means becoming a violent monster and as a result quits taking steroids. He also appears to be coming to terms with his sexuality when Peter asks him if he really thought steroids would turn him straight, he does not protest it.


  • Anya MacPherson
    • Start Up: "Bad Medicine" (810)
    • Broke Up: "Bad Medicine" (810)
      • Reason(s):
        • 1:Anya wasn't over Sav.
        • 2:Riley is a homosexual


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