Hannah Montana s02e01
First appearance It's My Party And I'll Lie If I Want To
Created by Douglas Lieblein
Portrayed by Moises Arias
Alias Surfboard[1]
A Baby[1]
Nickname Mini Me[2]
Lonely Little Munchkin
Little Devil
Teeny Weenie Meanie
Evil Little Boy
Gender Male
Occupation 9th grade student (skipped a couple of grades)[3]
Family Rico Sr.(Father)

Rico (Jr.) is a fictional character from the Disney Channel Original Series Hannah Montana. He is played by Moises Arias.

Character Information[]

Rico is an extremely annoying and intelligent little boy. Who is nasty to poor Jackson Stewart. He is very manipulative and is spoiled by his father. Rico also tends to pause and say his name proudly even when he is talking quickly.

His father owns Rico's Surf Shop, the store that Jackson works at. He first appears in season 1 as a recurring character that annoys Jackson. In season 2, he is added as a main character and the opening credits because he got moved up a few grades and now goes to Miley and Jackson's school, where he sees an opportunity to annoy Miley as well.

In the ending of Get Down Study-udy-udy, he recognized Miley's voice, dancing skills, in the tune of Nobody's Perfect, and it reminded him of Hannah Montana, but she, Lilly, and Oliver started laughing and Rico replies with "Yeah, what was I thinking?". He is also revealed to have a photographic memory (Get Down Study-udy-udy), he is lactose intolerant (Song Sung Bad), and that he is Latino, saying things like "make it hot, like my Latin blood!" (Me and Rico Down by the School Yard), and singing Life's What You Make It in Spanish and expressing that instead of Sarah, he now has a crush on "R-r-r-r-rosalita!" and Jackson argues by saying, "Sar-r-r-r-rah!" (Song Sung Bad). It is also evident that he has an interest in ballroom dancing, specifically Tango (We Are Family: Now Get Me Some Water!).

Because of his young age, Rico frequently tries to make himself look like a victim to gain sympathy, particularly from girls. Rico does anything that will be for the benefit of Rico. However, there are rare instances in which Rico does see "what goes around comes around", or that he does not always get his way. One such instance was where an audit of the surf shop showed a loss of a pair of sunglasses, and Rico, convinced a thief did it, has an elaborate and overly powerful security system installed for the shop. When it is later revealed a raccoon was the culprit, Rico realizes his knee-jerk reaction has run up very high bills for the suf shop due to the costly security system.


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