Retribution is the fourth episode of BattleTech: The Animated Series.


On the surface of and in orbit around Romulus...[]

Things are looking bad for the Strikers. Specter still can't make contact with the main Striker force from the Katana, and the Jade Falcons have taken Romulus.

Star Colonel Nicolai Malthus, meanwhile, is seen gloating over the Hartmans' destroyed farmstead, dreaming of new worlds to conquer. Even better, on a personal level, he has gained a new bondsman - former Striker mechwarrior Ciro Ramirez.

Back in the mines, Hawkins is still trying to reassure Adam that he did the right thing - that Adam's responsibility is bigger than just Ciro. Ben Hartman interrupts the Strikers' depressed musings when he enters with the two remaining mechs of the Romulus Militia, but must admit that he has no clue where the crew of the Kwaidan is.

Adam is set on finding his dropship's crew, but Hawkins urges him to concentrate on the mission. When Val remarks that his mech needs ammo, Hartman informs him that the militia has an ammo dump hidden nearby. Adam tells Kylie to take the Banshee back to the Katana, an order she complies with.

Back at the spaceport[]

Franklin, Patch and the captain of the jumpship are holed up in the back of a truck, awaiting transport to a re-education center. Franklin is starting to get impatient, and Patch informs him that the Clanners are stripping the ship.

Meanwhile, Malthus arrives at the ship to a pleasant surprise - his rival, Star Colonel Kristen Redmond, has been given the considersably un-glorious assignment as commander of the Romulus garrison. Already looking towards his next conquest, orders his forces to set course for the Twycross system. Redmond tries to deter him, pointing out that Galaxy Commander Chistu hasn't granted him clearance to leave - a concern Malthus brushes off. Star Commander Pytor tries to warn Malthus that the Kwaidan is more than a mere merchant vessel, but Malthus again brushes off his concerns, ordering the crew to be sent to a re-education center.

Meanwhile, at the Katana[]

Kylie, flying the Banshee, finally makes contact with the JumpShip. However, an offhand comment from Specter about Ciro forces Kylie to relay the bad news - Ciro didn't make it.

Back in mineshaft[]

One of the militia's mechs, piloted by Hartman, leads Adam through the maze of mines to the ammo dump. Hartman's history lesson about Romulus and the mine shafts is interrupted when they spot Elementals. The two decide to retreat for now, but Adam has an idea in mind.

Aboard the Falcon's Nest[]

Malthus continues to taunt his bondsman, Ciro, with the help of Natalya. However, Ciro refuses to give away the Strikers' strength or any other information. Malthus decides to assign him to latrine duty as punishment.

On Romulus, aboard the truck en route to the re-education center[]

Franklin manages to gain control of the vehicle by forcing the floor open, climbing under, then over the truck and taking out the driver, speeding off before the driver can catch up on foot.

Back at the mineshafts, the rest of the Strikers, mounted up in their mechs, fire on the Elementals, then run back into the mines. As the Elementals give chase, they find a militia Wolfhound, which they immediately jump onto. However, the mech has been loaded with explosives, and the massive bomb goes off, burying the Elementals in a cave-in. Meanwhile, the Strikers, outside the mines, and Hartman head for the ammo depot.

Back about the Katana, Rachel is seen stripping components out of the Banshee's cockpit to make room for communications gear so that the Strikers and the JumpShip can stay in contact.

Back with the truck, Patch tries to radio Adam, to no avail. Franklin, however, insists upon focusing on reclaiming the Kwaidan - sure to be a difficult task, as Clan mechs are guarding the ship. Franklin remarks that getting past them all would require an army. Patch sarcastically if they're supposed to pluck one out of thin air - to which Franklin replies, "Perhaps..."

Meanwhile, the Strikers have finally found the ammo depot, and have started loading up their mechs. Adam tells Hartman to have the militia engage in harassment attacks on the Clanners - if they can't drive them off completely, they can still make their stay difficult.

Elsewhere, with the modifications finally finished, Kylie blasts off from the Katana to head back to Romulus.

As the Strikers head out of the ammo depot[]

Adam leads the Strikers on a march towards the spaceport. Hawkins expresses his doubts, but Adam refuses to change his mind - he's already lost Ciro, and he's not going to lose the crew of the Kwaidan.

In the militia command center, Patch gets to work getting the holographic imaging system online, as it's Franklin's idea to create a distraction that will draw the Clan forces away from the Kwaidan. Patch expresses doubts about his ability to make the system work, however - it's old Star League tech, and he's not sure he can figure it out.

Elsewhere, as the Strikers march on, they find the wreckage of Ciro's mech. However, Adam notices that there's no escape pod wreckage. The Strikers barely have time to ponder this, however, before laser fire falls into their positions - the Elementals are back.

The battle armor suits manage to do some damage to Val's Centurion and, to a lesser extent, Adam's Axman, but some good shooting on Hawkins' part and a well-timed missile launch from Adam make short work of their attackers - or so it seems. After being staggered, however, the Elementals simply get back up and ditch their missile launchers, continuing their fight.

Back at the militia ammo dump, the militia has gathered together a bundle of explosives. Using the back-mounted laser of a Wolfhound as a cargo winch, they attach their explosives.

At the militia base, Patch has succeeded in restoring power. However, instead of switching the holograms on, he answers a communication from Specter. At Franklin's suggestion, Specter helps them get the Star League technology in the base working again.

Elsewhere, the Strikers are still tangling with the Elementals. Adam tells the Strikers to cover him while he wades into battle against them.

Back at the base[]

With the application of the voice code phrase from earlier - "Kerensky will return" - the holographic system finally goes back online, causing holographic mechs to pop up on the training field. Franklin immediately ushers everyone into the truck to head back to the Kwaidan, which they find unguarded except for a few foot soldiers. While Franklin distracts the guards, the rest of the crew board the DropShip, followed soon after by Franklin.

Elsewhere, the Strikers' fight against the Elementals is interrupted when their enemies start heading for the training field. The holo-mechs don't fool them for long, however, and before too long the Strikers are back facing the Elementals in combat. However, Rachel then informs them that the DropShip is back online.

Just then, however, a familiar face arrives - Star Colonel Kristen Redmond in her Vulture. She orders the Elementals to stop firing on the Strikers as she declares he intent to deal with them herself. As she switches to Enhanced Imaging, Val tells the Strikers to make a run for the spaceport while he distracts Redmond. Missile fire from Redmond's mech makes short work of Val's, however, and Kristen downs Adam's Axman as he tries to rush to Val's rescue. Val hitches a ride on Hawkins' Mauler after climbing out of his destroyed Centurion. As Redmond prepares to take on the Mauler, however, Adam sits his Axman up and fires a missile barrage, which is enough to send Kristen's mech to the ground.

Meanwhile, at the spaceport[]

Hartman and two other mechwarriors from the Romulus Militia make short work of a Hunchback IIC with combined firepower, taking out the only remaining mech guard in the spaceport. They then plant the explosives gathered earlier under a Clan Dropship.

Elsewhere, the Strikers are in a fighting retreat from Redmond. Just as they get within sight of the spaceport, however, they see the Kwaidan taking off. Assuming, along with Val, that they're leaving the Strikers stranded, Hawkins begins cursing the Combine crew for their treachery - only to have the Dropship land in front of them, ready to pick them up.

Adam radios Hartman and offers to assist the Romulus Militia in fighting off the Clans, but Hartman tells him that his forces have things well in hand, just as the planted explosives destroy a Clan dropship. With that, the Strikers lift off.

Aboard the Falcon's Nest[]

Malthus ushers Ciro aboard the bridge to witness "the fate of lower-caste dogs who dare to defy their betters." Upon receiving word from Natalya that the evacuation of Romulus City is complete, Malthus orders the warship to bombard the city from orbit.

Some time later, Specter intercepts a message from Malthus, gloating over the total destruction of Romulus City and warning them that "any further resistance will meet the same fate." After staring in horror at the destruction, Adam orders a channel opened to Malthus. Adam calls Malthus out on his cowardice, exemplified by the way in which its citizens were terrorized and punished, and tells him that his unit - the First Somerset Strikers - was responsible for the Romulus uprising, not the inhabitants of Romulus. "If Star Colonel Nicolai Malthus has a quarrel with me," Adam says, "let him take up personally."

Gritting his teeth as he listens to Steiner's message, Malthus promises to do just that.